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Burchard Woman Has Multi-Million Dollar Door Stop


A rural Burchard woman has been using a rare fossil worth tens of millions of dollars as a door stop.  Pepper Oshaughnessy found the fossil nine years ago on her family’s ranch in San Luis Obispo County, Calif. She displayed the fossil on her mantle and used it as a door stop until fall of 2011. She decided to take ... Read More »

New Administrator Named for Hollenberg Pony Express Station


The Hollenberg Pony Express Station announced that Jared Zenger of Haddam will be the new site administrator. Zenger is a Kansas State Graduate with a degree in park’s management. Zenger also operates a family ranch near Haddam and operates Hay Valley Outfitters. Read More »

Kansas Land Prices Soar


The price of agricultural land is soaring in Kansas and other Midwestern states. A national brokerage for farm and ranch land called Farmers National Co. released a survey recently. It showed that non-irrigated crop land in central Kansas averaged $3,000 an acre, up 50 percent since June. Irrigated farmland in central Kansas was up 15 to 20 percent since June, ... Read More »