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Milford Lake Algae Warning Lifted


State health officials have lifted toxic blue-green algae advisories at Milford Lake.  The lake is now open to all forms of use including fishing and boating. Read More »

Blue Algae Advisory Issued for Milford Lake


Milford Lake has been placed under an “Advisory” status. An “Advisory” status means that Harmful blue-green algae have been detected. A Public Health Advisory indicates that a hazardous condition exists.   When an Advisory is issued, KDHE recommends the following precautions be taken:  Humans, pets, and livestock do not drink untreated lake water Clean fish and rinse with clean water, ... Read More »

Milford Lake Closed for Labor Day


There will be no Labor Day activities at Milford Lake. People planning to spend Labor Day at Milford Lake might want to make new arrangements. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment announced Tuesday that it is canceling all activities at the lake that involve direct contact with water, including swimming, fishing and skiing. Boating also is prohibited but the ... Read More »