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Kansas Volleyball Association Rankings – Week #2

September 10, 2014, Topeka, KS — The Kansas Volleyball Association is pleased to announce the 2014 Week 1 Volleyball Rankings sponsored by PrepVolleyball.com.

Rank – School – Record – Pre-Season Ranking

Class 6A
1. Olathe East 3-1 (1)
2. Olathe Northwest 2-1 (4)
3. Blue Valley North 7-1 (6)
4. Blue Valley Northwest 8-1 (5)
5. Blue Valley West 2-1 (3)
6. Maize 8-0 (8)
7. Blue Valley 1-3 (2)
8. Washburn Rural 1-1 (7)
9. Derby 6-2 (10)
10. Manhattan 3-2 (9)

Class 5A
1. St. James Academy 3-1 (1)
2. St. Thomas Aquinas 3-0 (2)
3. Shawnee Heights 3-0 (3)
4. Topeka-Seaman 4-0 (4)
5. Bishop Carroll 0-0 (5)
6. Lansing 2-1 (6)
7. Newton 6-2 (NR)
8. Andover 5-3 (7)
9. Hays 2-0 (NR)
10. Mill Valley 4-5 (9)

Class 4A – Division 1
1. Bishop Miege 1-1 (1)
2. Topeka-Hayden 3-0 (3)
3. Louisburg 4-1 (2)
4. Andover Central 8-0 (9)
5. Rose Hill 2-0 (4)
6. McPherson 7-1 (6)
7. Wamego 0-0 (7)
8. Abilene 3-0 (8)
9. Basehor-Linwood 8-2 (NR)
10. Ulysses 6-0 (10)

Class 4A – Division 2
1. Clay Center 2-0 (1)
2. Andale 8-0 (2)
3. Holton 4-0 (3)
4. Jefferson West 6-1 (4)
5. Frontenac 2-0 (5)
6. Clearwater 2-0 (7)
7. Wichita Trinity Academy 4-2 (8)
8. Colby 1-1 (9)
9. Pratt 7-3 (NR)
10. Royal Valley 4-3 (NR)

Class 3A
1. Silver Lake 5-0 (1)
2. Cheney 3-1 (2)
3. Hesston 8-1 (4)
4. Garden Plain 2-0 (3)
5. Rock Creek 6-1 (NR)
6. Nemaha Central 0-0 (7)
7. Wabaunsee 5-2 (NR)
8. Council Grove 5-2 (NR)
9. Wellsville 4-1 (6)
10. Douglass 2-0 (10)

Class 2A
1. Hillsboro 5-0 (1)
2. Washington County 3-0 (3)
3. Smith Center 2-0 (4)
4. Sterling 6-1 (7)
5. South Central 5-2 (5)
6. Central Plains 3-0 (6)
7. Olpe 2-0 (9)
8. Bucklin/Ashland 2-1 (8)
9. Ellis 0-0 (10)
10. Jefferson County North 0-2 (2)

Class 1A – Division 1
1. Goessel 3-0 (2)
2. Centralia 6-1 (1)
3. Hoxie 4-0 (3)
4. Waverly 6-1 (5)
5. LaCrosse 5-1 (NR)
6. Valley Heights 2-0 (6)
7. Spearville 3-0 (4)
8. Thunder Ridge 4-1 (8)
9. Linn 2-1 (7)
10. Pike Valley 2-0 (9)

Class 1A – Division 2
1. Wallace County 8-0 (6)
2. Logan 2-0 (2)
3. Dighton 2-1 (3)
4. Argonia 0-0 (1)
5. Beloit-St. John’s/Tipton 2-0 (4)
6. Northern Valley 4-1 (5)
7. Wheatland-Grinnell 2-2 (7)
8. South Barber 4-1 (8)
9. Fowler 3-0 (NR)
10. Weskan 2-1 (10)

Area High School Football Scoreboard – Sept. 5

Abilene 21, Royal Valley 0
Chapman 39, Towanda-Circle 14
Concordia 26, Beloit 0
Rossville 41, Clay Center 7
St. Mary’s 8, Marysville 0
Wamego 34, Rock Creek 10

Frankfort 38, Clifton-Clyde 30
Hanover 52, Axtell 12
Linn 52, Wilson 16
Wakefield 50, Blue Valley-Randolph 0

Centralia 54, Valley Heights 6
Onaga 16, Doniphan West 8
Troy 30, Washington County 0

Nemaha Central 35, Sabetha 27
Riley County 48, Wabaunsee 12

Twin Valley League Volleyball Wrap-Up – Week #1

Team League Overall
Washington County 3-0 3-0
Valley Heights 2-0 2-0
Frankfort 2-0 2-0
Centralia 2-0 6-1
Linn 2-1 2-1
Clifton-Clyde 1-1 1-1
Troy 1-1 1-1
Axtell 1-1 3-4
Hanover 1-2 1-2
Blue Valley 0-2 0-2
Doniphan West 0-2 0-2
Wetmore 0-2 0-2
Onaga 0-3 0-3

Scores from September 2
Frankfort def Doniphan West 25-12, 25-21
Clifton-Clyde def Doniphan West 25-13, 25-16
Frankfort def Clifton-Clyde 25-22, 25-17
Axtell def Blue Valley 25-16, 25-9
Centralia def Blue Valley 25-12, 25-11
Centralia def Axtell 25-13, 25-20
Washington Co def Linn 23-25, 25-16, 25-20
Washington Co def Hanover 25-12, 25-11
Washington Co def Onaga 25-13, 25-14
Hanover def Onaga 25-15, 18-25, 25-17
Linn def Onaga 25-19, 25-8
Linn def Hanover 25-21, 25-19
Valley Heights def Wetmore 25-12, 25-8
Troy def Wetmore 25-17, 25-21
Valley Heights def Troy 25-16, 25-20


Saturday, August 30
Wabaunsee Invitational Tournament
Pool Play
Centralia def Oskaloosa 25-3, 25-5
Centralia def Council Grove 25-13, 25-14
Wabaunsee def Centralia 26-24, 23-25
Rock Creek def Axtell 25-20, 25-23
Axtell def Mission Valley 25-20, 20-25, 25-16
Axtell def Osage City 25-16, 25-21
Wabaunsee def Axtell 25-20, 25-15
Centralia def Rock Creek 25-23, 25-10
Rock Creek def Axtell 16-25, 25-10, 25-19
Wabaunsee def Centralia 25-22, 23-25, 26-24


Tuesday, September 9
at Onaga – Blue Valley, Frankfort, Wetmore
at Clifton-Clyde – Axtell, Washington County
at Valley Heights – Doniphan West, Linn
at Centralia – Hanover, Troy

Saturday, September 13
at Frankfort
Wetmore, Washington County, Onaga, Frankfort

at Riley County
Valley Heights, Clifton-Clyde?

at Southern Cloud Invitational
Blue Valley, Hanover, Linn

Kansas Volleyball Association Preseason Rankings Announced

Topeka, KS — The Kansas Volleyball Association is pleased to announce the 2014 Pre-Season Volleyball Rankings sponsored by PrepVolleyball.com.

Rank – School

Class 6A
1. Olathe East
2. Blue Valley
3. Blue Valley West
4. Olathe Northwest
5. Blue Valley Northwest
6. Blue Valley North
7. Washburn Rural
8. Maize
9. Manhattan
10. Derby

Class 5A
1. St. James Academy
2. St. Thomas Aquinas
3. Shawnee Heights
4. Topeka-Seaman
5. Bishop Carroll
6. Lansing
7. Andover
8. Valley Center
9. Mill Valley
10. Kapaun Mt. Carmel

Class 4A – Division 1
1. Bishop Miege
2. Louisburg
3. Topeka-Hayden
4. Rose Hill
5. Baldwin
6. McPherson
7. Wamego
8. Abilene
9. Andover Central
10. Ulysses

Class 4A – Division 2
1. Clay Center
2. Andale
3. Holton
4. Jefferson West
5. Frontenac
6. Goodland
7. Clearwater
8. Wichita Trinity
9. Colby
10. Santa Fe Trail

Class 3A
1. Silver Lake
2. Cheney
3. Garden Plain
4. Hesston
5. Hoisington
6. Wellsville
7. Nemaha Central
8. Southeast of Saline
9. West Franklin
10. Douglass

Class 2A
1. Hillsboro
2. Jefferson County North
3. Washington County
4. Smith Center
5. Coldwater-South Central
6. Central Plains
7. Sterling
8. Bucklin/Ashland
9. Olpe
10. Ellis

Class 1A – Division 1
1. Centralia
2. Goessel
3. Hoxie
4. Spearville
5. Waverly
6. Valley Heights
7. Linn
8. Thunder Ridge
9. Pike Valley
10. St. Paul

Class 1A – Division 2
1. Argonia
2. Logan
3. Dighton
4. Beloit-St. John’s/Tipton
5. Northern Valley
6. Wallace County
7. Wheatland-Grinnell
8. South Barber
9. Golden Plains
10. Weskan

Marysville High School To Host Gatorade Scrimmages

The high school sports season is underway across the area, and Marysville High School will be hosting three Gatorade scrimmages on Friday to help build up their Gatorade supply. The coaches request the public donate powdered Gatorade instead of bottles for the season.

The Marysville Lady Bulldogs will host their volleyball scrimmage at 5:15 p.m. Friday at Marysville High School. The Junior High football team will begin their scrimmage at 5:30 p.m. at Homer Hanson Stadium, followed by the MHS team at 6:00 p.m.


Kansas Coaching Legends To Reunite For 60th Celebration of Historic Allen Fieldhouse

LAWRENCE, Kan. – Kansas Athletics is pleased to announce an anniversary party unlike any other, celebrating 60 years of Jayhawk Basketball in Allen Fieldhouse. Coaching legends Ted Owens, Larry Brown, Roy Williams and current head coach Bill Self will reunite in Lawrence to pay homage to college basketball’s most storied building.

The four will join together on James Naismith Court the evening of Oct. 27 for “Celebrating 60 Years.” Ticket information will be released in early September. The renowned foursome, who combined have guided the Jayhawks over the last 50 years, will enjoy a night of reliving their favorite Allen Fieldhouse memories. KU Athletics and Self’s Assists Foundation are teaming up to provide a one of a kind evening, the proceeds of which will benefit charities designated by the four coaches.

“Only at Kansas do we get to celebrate a milestone such as this, bringing four living legends together to honor our history and our legacy,” Athletics Director Sheahon Zenger said.

2003-Present: Bill Self
Self is a remarkable 175-9 inside Allen Fieldhouse. As the three-time National Coach of the Year prepares for his 12th season at Kansas, he has more Big 12 titles (10) than losses (9) in the 60-year old basketball cathedral. His Jayhawks’ current streak of 10-straight regular season conference championships marks the third-longest run in NCAA history. With four 30-win seasons in the last five years, Self completed his first decade at Kansas with 300 wins, more victories than any other program in the same time frame. His 2008 team won the NCAA Championship.

“For 115 years, Kansas has been a standard of excellence for our sport,” Self said. “There aren’t very many places – if any – where you can invite back the last four coaches who have led the program for the last 51 years to celebrate an anniversary like this one. This is such a special place. Kansas Athletics has really made this a unique event, using the money to benefit the charities that mean a lot to each of us. I know the fans will enjoy it and I will be honored to be a part of it.”

1989-2003: Roy Williams
Williams is the second-winningest coach in Kansas history, behind the building’s namesake – Dr. Forrest “Phog” Allen. During Williams’ 15 years as a Jayhawk, Kansas made four trips to the NCAA Final Four and totaled a 418-101 record. He guided KU to nine conference titles and his 2002 team was the only in Big 12 Conference history to go 16-0. Williams returned to his alma mater, North Carolina, before the 2003-04 season and has gone on to reach 700 wins in fewer seasons than any coach in NCAA history. His 2005 and 2009 teams won the national championship.

“Sixty years in one phenomenal arena – wow! That has been the site of some unbelievable victories and accomplishments of one of the greatest home-court advantages in the history of college sports,” Williams said. “The tradition of Kansas basketball is a tradition of success and Allen Fieldhouse has been a great part of that. The Jayhawk faithful make it almost impossible for the opponents every night. Coaching in that arena is a real treat and I loved it. I’m ecstatic to be part of this anniversary celebration.”

1983-88: Larry Brown
A 40-year coaching veteran, Brown won more than 75 percent of his games at Kansas and led the Jayhawks to the NCAA Tournament in each of his five years. Named the Big Eight Coach of the Year in 1986, Brown and the Jayhawks went 35-4 that season on their way to the NCAA Final Four. Brown capped his career at Kansas with the 1988 NCAA National Championship. Brown accepted the head coaching position with the San Antonio Spurs following that season and spent the next 23 seasons in the NBA. In 2004, he led the Detroit Pistons to the NBA Championship, making him the only coach in history to win a title at the NCAA and NBA levels. In 2012, Brown returned to the collegiate ranks and is in his third season at SMU.

“The years I spent at Kansas were an incredible time in my life that I will always cherish,” Brown said. “The people I got to know, the players who were part of the program and the coaches who worked with me will always be a big part of my life. I am thrilled to be included in this celebration. I can’t imagine a place being more special than Allen Fieldhouse. It was such a great opportunity to coach in that environment. And coming back to KU with Bill Self as the head coach always makes me smile after having the opportunity to coach alongside him.”

1964-1983: Ted Owens
Owens spent 19 seasons leading the Jayhawks, the second-longest tenure of the program’s eight head coaches. A five-time Big Eight Coach of the Year, Owens’ 348 victories rank third all-time behind Allen and Williams. In Owens’ tenancy, Kansas won six Big Eight titles and advanced to NCAA Tournament play seven times, including Final Four appearances in 1971 and 1974. Owens is still an avid supporter of the program and released his authorial debut, At the Hang Up, in 2013.

“I am honored to be a part of the Kansas basketball family,” Owens said. “I really look forward to spending the time with these three men for whom I have the greatest respect. I also look forward to being back with our great Kansas fans.”

KUAthletics.com: The official online source for Kansas Athletics, Williams Education Fund contributions, tickets, merchandise, multimedia, photos and much, much more.

KNDY Area High School Football Schedules Released For 2014

Friday, August 29
Nebraska Area Schools

Diller-Odell at Lewiston
Skutt Catholic at Beatrice
Southern at Thayer Central

Thursday, September 4
Nebraska Area Schools
Ralston at Beatrice

Friday, September 5
North Central Kansas League
Abilene at Royal Valley
Beloit at Concordia
Clay Center at Rossville
Marysville at St. Mary’s on AM 1570/FM 94.1 KNDY
Rock Creek at Wamego
Towanda-Circle at Chapman

Twin Valley League 8-Man

Blue Valley at Wakefield
Frankfort at Clifton-Clyde
Hanover at Axtell
Linn at Wilson

Twin Valley League 11-Man
Valley Heights at Centralia
Onaga at Doniphan West
Washington County at Troy

Nebraska Area Schools
Johnson County Central at Southern
Lourdes Central Catholic at Diller-Odell
Pawnee City at Sterling

Friday, September 12
North Central Kansas League
Chapman at Southeast of Saline
Marysville at Abilene on AM 1570/FM 94.1 KNDY
Rock Creek at Clay Center
St. Mary’s at Concordia
Wamego at Jefferson County West

Twin Valley League 8-Man
Clifton-Clyde at Linn
Frankfort at Hanover
Lewiston, NE at Axtell
Wichita Life Prep at Blue Valley

Twin Valley League 11-Man
Doniphan West at Valley Heights
Onaga at Washington County
Troy at Centralia

Nebraska Area Schools
Beatrice at Elkhorn
Falls City-Sacred Heart at Pawnee City
Lewiston at Axtell, KS
Southern at Centennial

Friday, September 19
North Central Kansas League
Clay Center at Chapman
Concordia at Abilene
Marysville at Wamego on AM 1570/FM 94.1 KNDY

Twin Valley League 8-Man
Axtell at Pawnee City, NE
Clifton-Clyde at Lincoln
Frankfort at Burlingame
Hanover at Wakefield
Tescott at Blue Valley

Twin Valley League 11-Man
Centralia at Onaga
Doniphan West at Washington County
Valley Heights at Troy

Nebraska Area Schools
Axtell, KS at Pawnee City
Beatrice at Nebraska City
Diller-Odell at Mead
Malcolm at Southern
Meridian at Lewiston

Saturday, September 20
Twin Valley League 8-Man
Hodgeman County vs. Linn in Tescott

Friday, September 26
North Central Kansas League
Abilene at Wamego
Chapman at Concordia
Clay Center at Marysville on AM 1570/FM 94.1 KNDY

Twin Valley League 8-Man
Axtell at St. Joseph Christian, MO
Blue Valley at Hanover
Frankfort at Veritas Christian
Lakeside-Downs at Clifton-Clyde
Linn at Chase

Twin Valley League 11-Man
Centralia at Doniphan West
Troy at Onaga
Washington County at Valley Heights

Nebraska Area Schools
Lewiston at Lawrence-Nelson
Mount Michael Benedictine at Beatrice
Pawnee City at Diller-Odell
Southern at Humboldt-Table Rock-Steinauer

Friday, October 3
North Central Kansas League
Chapman at Abilene
Marysville at Concordia on AM 1570/FM 94.1 KNDY
Wamego at Clay Center

Twin Valley League 8-Man

Axtell at Frankfort
Blue Valley at Pike Valley
Clifton-Clyde at Hill City
Rock Hills at Hanover
Southern Cloud at Linn

Twin Valley League 11-Man
Alma-Wabaunsee at Onaga
Doniphan West at Maranatha Academy
Troy at Jefferson County North
Valley Heights at Valley Falls
Washington County at Centralia

Nebraska Area Schools
Diller-Odell at Bruning-Davenport/Shickley
Falls City-Sacred Heart at Lewiston
Friend at Pawnee City
Gross Catholic at Beatrice
Southern at Elmwood-Murdock

Friday, October 10
North Central Kansas League
Abilene at Clay Center
Chapman at Marysville on AM 1570/FM 94.1 KNDY
Concordia at Wamego

Twin Valley League 8-Man
Hanover at Lincoln
Linn at Blue Valley
Osborne at Clifton-Clyde
Pike Valley at Frankfort
Southern Cloud at Axtell

Twin Valley League 11-Man
Maranatha Academy at Troy
Onaga at Valley Heights
Riverside at Doniphan West
Rossville at Centralia
Washington County at McLouth

Nebraska Area Schools
Beatrice at Crete
Lewiston at Sterling
McCool Junction at Pawnee City
Nebraska Lutheran at Diller-Odell
Weeping Water at Southern

Friday, October 17
North Central Kansas League
Clay Center at Goodland
Concordia at Colby
McPherson at Abilene
Minneapolis at Marysville on AM 1570/FM 94.1 KNDY
Wamego at Chapman

Twin Valley League 8-Man
Axtell at Pike Valley
Blue Valley at Southern Cloud
Clifton-Clyde at Wakefield
Frankfort at Linn
Lakeside-Downs at Hanover

Twin Valley League 11-Man
Centralia at Nemaha Central
Doniphan West at Troy
Jackson Heights at Onaga
Valley Heights at Alma-Wabaunsee
Washington County at Riley County

Nebraska Area Schools
Beatrice at Norris
Diller-Odell at Friend
Freeman at Southern
Lewiston at Parkview Christian
Pawnee City at Mead

Thursday, October 23
Nebraska Area Schools

Bruning-Davenport at Pawnee City
Johnson-Brock at Lewiston
McCool Junction at Diller-Odell
Southern at Palmyra

Friday, October 24
North Central Kansas League
Abilene at Hays
Colby at Clay Center
Goodland at Concordia
Nickerson at Chapman
Smoky Valley at Wamego
Washington County at Marysville on AM 1570/FM 94.1

Twin Valley League 8-Man
Blue Valley at Axtell
Hanover at Clifton-Clyde
Linn at Pike Valley
Southern Cloud at Frankfort

Twin Valley League 11-Man
Immaculata at Doniphan West
Inman at Troy
Onaga at Valley Falls
Republic County at Valley Heights
St. Mary’s at Centralia
Washington County at Marysville

Nebraska Area Schools
Lincoln Pius X at Beatrice

Thursday, October 30
North Central Kansas League
Marysville at Riley County on AM 1570/FM 94.1 KNDY

Twin Valley League 8-Man
Axtell at Linn
Clifton-Clyde at Rock Hills
Frankfort at Blue Valley
Osborne at Hanover

Twin Valley League 11-Man
Centralia at Rock Creek
Minneapolis at Washington County

Friday, October 31
North Central Kansas League
Buhler at Abilene
Chapman at Smoky Valley
Concordia at Clay Center
Wamego at Nickerson

Twin Valley League 11-Man

Jackson Heights at Valley Heights
Jefferson County North at Doniphan West
Onaga vs Maranatha Academy at Blue Valley West
Troy at Immaculata

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