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Twin Valley League Tournament Scoreboard & Schedule – Mon. Jan. 20


Axtell 43, Linn 39 OT
Baileyville B&B 58, Centralia 53
Valley Heights 55, Hanover 45
Washington County 59, Wetmore 22

Centralia 61, Troy 32
Hanover 58, Baileyville B&B 53
Linn 39, Onaga 37
Valley Heights 56, Axtell 44


Tuesday, Jan. 21st (Consolation Games)
Troy vs. Onaga – 4 PM – Second Gym
Frankfort vs. Blue Valley – 5:30 PM – Second Gym
Clifton-Clyde vs. Doniphan West – 5:30 PM – Main Gym

Thursday, Jan. 23rd (Championship Bracket)
Washington County vs. Axtell – 6 PM – Main Gym ~ FM 95.5 KNDY
Baileyville B&B vs. Valley Heights – 7:30 PM – Main Gym ~ FM 95.5 KNDY

Thursday, Jan. 23rd (5th Place Bracket)
Wetmore vs. Linn – 6 PM – Second Gym
Centralia vs. Hanover – 7:30 PM – Second Gym

Saturday, Jan. 25th (Consolation Games)
Onaga vs. Clifton-Clyde – 10 AM – Main Gym
Frankfort vs. Doniphan West – 10 AM – Second Gym
Troy vs. Blue Valley – 4:30 PM – Second Gym


Tuesday, Jan. 21st (Consolation Games)
Washington County vs. Wetmore – 4 PM – Main Gym
Frankfort vs. Blue Valley – 7 PM – Second Gym
Troy vs. Doniphan West – 7 PM – Main Gym

Friday, Jan. 24th (Championship Bracket)
Valley Heights vs. Hanover – 6 PM – Main Gym ~ FM 95.5 KNDY
Centralia vs. Linn – 7:30 PM – Main Gym ~ FM 95.5 KNDY

Friday, Jan. 24th (5th Place Bracket)
Axtell vs. Baileyville B&B – 6 PM – Second Gym
Troy vs. Onaga – 7:30 PM – Second Gym

Saturday, Jan. 25th (Consolation Games)
Frankfort vs. Doniphan West – 11:30 AM – Second Gym
Wetmore vs. Clifton-Clyde – 11:30 AM – Main Gym
Washington County vs. Blue Valley – 4:30 PM – Second Gym

Twin Valley League Tournament Broadcast Schedule – Mon. Jan. 20

Today’s Best Country FM 95.5 KNDY will have coverage of the 2014 Twin Valley League Basketball Tournament at Washington today on-air and online. Broadcast coverage will begin with the Axtell Lady Eagles taking on the Linn Lady Bulldogs at 3:15 pm. Following that contest the Hanover Boys will face Baileyville B&B at 4:45 pm, and in the nightcap, we will have the Valley Heights Lady Mustangs as they take on the Hanover Lady Wildcats at 6:15 pm. Following that contest, we will join Kansas Jayhawk Basketball as they host Baylor in Big Monday action. That games has a 8 pm tip-off scheduled. All high school games will be streamed live at http://www.kndyradio.com and in the TuneIn Radio App for Smartphones. Just search KNDY. Kansas Jayhawk basketball will not be streamed per our contract with IMG Sports.

  • 3:15 PM – Axtell Girls vs. Linn on FM 95.5 KNDY
  • 4:45 PM – Hanover Boys vs. Baileyville B&B on FM 95.5 KNDY
  • 6:15 PM – Valley Heights Girls vs. Hanover on FM 95.5 KNDY
  • 8:00 PM – Baylor Bears vs. Kansas Jayhawks on FM 95.5 KNDY (No Streaming)

Complete TVL Tournament Scoreboard & Schedule – Sat. Jan. 18

Axtell 67, Onaga 30
Baileyville B&B 59, Blue Valley 30
Centralia 54, Clifton-Clyde 15
Hanover 52, Doniphan West 43
Linn 45, Frankfort 31
Wetmore 38, Troy 37

Axtell 43, Washington County 38
Baileyville B&B 45, Frankfort 33
Centralia 51, Blue Valley 33
Clifton-Clyde 59, Troy 56 OT
Hanover 82, Wetmore 56
Linn 56, Doniphan West 36


Monday, Jan. 20th

Valley Heights vs. Axtell – 4:45 PM – Second Gym
Hanover vs. Baileyville B&B – 4:45 PM – Main Gym
Centralia vs. Clifton-Clyde – 7:45 PM – Second Gym
Onaga vs. Linn – 7:45 PM – Main Gym

Tuesday, Jan. 21st (Consolation Games)

Washington County vs. Wetmore – 4 PM – Main Gym
Frankfort vs. Blue Valley – 7 PM – Second Gym
Troy vs. Doniphan West – 7 PM – Main Gym


Monday, Jan. 20th

Washington County vs. Wetmore – 3:15 PM – Second Gym
Axtell vs. Linn – 3:15 PM – Main Gym
Baileyville B&B vs. Centralia – 6:15 PM – Second Gym
Valley Heights vs. Hanover – 6:15 PM – Main Gym

Tuesday, Jan. 21st (Consolation Games)

Troy vs. Onaga – 4 PM – Second Gym
Frankfort vs. Blue Valley – 5:30 PM – Second Gym
Clifton-Clyde vs. Doniphan West – 5:30 PM – Main Gym



34th Annual Raider Classic Bracket Released

The 34th Annual Nemaha Valley Raider Classic basketball tournament bracket is now available. Classic Country KNDY AM 1570/FM 94.1 will have complete coverage of the Marysville Bulldogs as they work their way through the tournament. Coverage will also be simulcast right here on our website.


Twin Valley League Tournament Information

Washington County High School is hosting the 2014 Twin Valley League Basketball Tournament

Boys Bracket HERE

Girls Bracket HERE

Games will run ahead of schedule when possible.

Seeding is as follows: 


  1. Washington Co. 10-0
  2. Valley Heights 8-0
  3. B&B 6-1
  4. Linn 6-2
  5. Axtell 7-3
  6. Centralia 5-3
  7. Doniphan West 4-5
  8. Troy 4-5
  9. Wetmore 3-6
  10. Hanover 3-6
  11. Clifton Clyde 3-6
  12. Onaga 2-6
  13. Frankfort 1-7
  14. Blue Valley 0-9

  1. Valley Heights 7-1
  2. Onaga 6-2
  3. Centralia 6-2
  4. B&B5-2
  5. Hanover 6-3
  6. Troy 6-3
  7. Linn 5-3
  8. Axtell 6-4
  9. Washington Co. 6-4
  10. Doniphan West 4-5
  11. Clifton Clyde 3-6
  12. Wetmore 2-7
  13. Frankfort 1-7
  14. Blue Valley 1-8

ADMISSION: Ticket prices for games are $4.00 for adults and $2.00 for students K-12. There will be no family passes and league passes are not being accepted either.

BASKET, BENCH AND FAN SEATING ASSIGNMENTS: Please encourage your fans to sit in your designated areas when seating is available. In the high school gym your fans seating area is behind your teams bench. In the West Elementary gym home team fans will sit on the west side of the gym and visiting team fans will sit on the east side of the gym.

POSTERS/BANNERS: Banners and signs will be permitted, provided they are not personal, negative, unsportsmanlike, or vulgar.Signs may not be attached or fastened to the facility unless approved by the Tournament Management. Parades with signs or banners will not be allowed. Signs or posters will not exceed 4’X12’.

FAN PARKING: There will be parking available for fans in the following locations: in the parking area in front of the school; along the fence by the football field just east of the school; angle parking in the parking area south of the school. There is also parking available in the west parking lot of the west elementary school. The elementary school is on the west side of the high school.  Parking in front of the vocational building is reserved for buses.

Kansas State Defeats Michigan In Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl

Courtesy of K-State Sports Information – Kelly McHugh

TEMPE, Ariz. – When the final whistle blew last night at Sun Devil Stadium, K-State felt an emotion it hadn’t felt in more than a decade.

After defeating the Michigan Wolverines, 31-14, in the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl, the Wildcats became bowl champions, and the team finally finished its season on a high note.

“I’m extremely proud of all the young people in our program. I thought they played very well against a very, very fine football team,” head coach Bill Snyder said after the game. “The University of Michigan is the winningest football program in the history of college football, right? They’re never going to be a bad team. These young guys were victorious over a very fine football team.”

The Wildcats finally celebrated at midfield, they were finally presented with a bowl trophy, and they finally got to pour Gatorade on their coach.

“I think Coach Snyder is upset about it, but I just wanted to share my happiness with him,” defensive end Ryan Mueller laughed as he glanced over at Snyder.

The 11-year bowl losing streak is now broken, and Snyder and his Wildcats have conducted the best in-season turnaround in K-State history, finishing its season at 8-5 after a 2-4 start.

While achieving last night’s bowl victory was a complete team effort, there is no doubt that it has been an exciting season of record-breaking and milestone-making performances.

Just when you thought they couldn’t get any better, guys like junior quarterback Jake Waters, senior running back John Hubert and junior wide receiver Tyler Lockett proved you wrong.

Waters had perhaps his best game of the season by throwing for 271 yards and three touchdowns with no interceptions while breaking the K-State bowl record for completions with 21. His 271 yards were fourth in Wildcat bowl history, and he also added 42 yards on the ground.

Hubert’s 80 rushing yards against the Wolverines put him at 1,048 yards this season. Breaking 1,000 in a single season has been a long-time goal of Hubert’s as he finished less than 100 yards shy in both his sophomore and junior seasons, and he is now the 14th Wildcat in school history to hit the milestone.

Perhaps the best way to top off an exceptional K-State career, Hubert tallied a one-yard touchdown in the game’s final minutes, putting the finishing touches on the victory.

And how about Lockett and his three touchdowns that earned him Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl Offensive MVP? His three scores tied the K-State bowl game record, and his 116 receiving yards marked his ninth 100-yard game.

After a season where Lockett has put it all on the line for his team, the bowl victory was especially sweet.

“Right now I’m just excited that we finally won a bowl game,” said Lockett. “We had everybody buy into the system. Looking at everybody’s faces from 12:00 in the afternoon to just getting ready to play this game, everybody was on the same page, everybody was ready to play and you could see it when we were out there.”

Earning the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl Defensive MVP honors was safety Dante Barnett. Barnett recorded a team-high eight tackles and capped off his season with an interception and 51-yard return to the Michigan seven-yard line, which later resulted in Hubert’s touchdown.

When the two were announced as the game’s MVPs, Lockett and Barnett stood side-by-side holding their trophies. The two Tulsa, Okla., natives have been teammates since fifth grade and played high school football together at Booker T. Washington. They’ve been through thick and thin together, and standing side-by-side in their first bowl victory was a moment they will both cherish.

“(It felt) great. God works in mysterious ways, and we never looked at it like that, but seeing us both up there at the same time, it really made us happy,” Barnett said with a smile.

“Being able to grow up with (Barnett) and hang out with him, even with football, I got to see him grow up, mature,” Lockett said as he looked to Barnett sitting next to him. “He’s my roommate now. I can’t get away from him. I thank God for this relationship. I just love this dude. He is my brother.”

And what does it mean to these seniors? The group of 27 seniors who had never before come out victorious in a bowl game before last night?

“It’s just special,” defensive back Ty Zimmerman said. “I’m glad we came out with the win and glad to get this for the underclassmen. Hopefully it gives them confidence for next year.”

As Zimmerman said, it was a special way to end a very special season, and looking forward, the future of K-State football is bright.

“The thing about it is, it sets up a foundation for a new era,” Lockett said when asked about what this game means to him. “When you look at the past bowl games, losing 11 straight and finally ending it today, actually winning, now we’re on a one-game winning streak. I think this really sets the foundation for next year. You have a lot of guys who are happy right now in that locker room.”

And with that, the Wildcats headed back to the locker room to celebrate this team’s first bowl victory since 2002.

They now know what it feels like.