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Marysville City Council Meeting Notes

The Marysville City Council met Monday, meeting in executive session for an hour to discuss personnel, then another fifteen minutes to discuss personnel and property acquisition. No decisions were made. No comments were received during the public hearing on the 2015 budget, with approval 6-2. Tim Ackerman and Shawn Cohorst voted no.

Several residents living north of Jayhawk Road were present, and expressed concerns with being assessed for sewer improvements proposed for the Hartley Ridge subdivision, which is south of Jayhawk Road. They were assured no decision on assessments had been rendered. Council later in the meeting reached consensus that the City would likely provide hydrants and manholes, with lift station and sewer costs assessed to the property developer. The cost was estimated at $1,300 per year for ten years per lot, for a proposal to develop fifteen homes. The property owner will use that information going forward with zoning request, which will determine density of the subdivision. Further discussion centered on developing consistent policy which would streamline similar requests in the future.

Marysville USD 364 Superintendent Bill Mullins was present, and felt that the school was close to agreement on a proposal for fees to use the tennis courts. The Mayor, City Administrator, and City Attorney will meet with school representatives and Marysville Sport and Rec to consider reciprocal arrangements and options for use of school facilities, and ball parks.

An ordinance on storm water regulations was approved 7-0, and will be added to the code book. Ending balance for the City general fund was the lowest in a decade at $797,803. Concern was heard regarding increasing costs, approaching $200,000, for the City share of improvements of 11th Terrace, which will serve a new Subway store east of town, and extend north to the west of KanEquip. It was recommended that a policy be adopted to avoid future issues in similar situations. City of Marysville advises that the pool is now closed during the week except for lap swim and swim lessons. The pool will remain open Saturday and Sundays through September 14.

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