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Washington County Commission Meeting Minutes – July 28th

The Board of County Commission (BOCC) for Washington County met in regular session on Monday, July 28, 2014 in the Commission room at the Washington County Courthouse. Members present: Alison Mueller, 1st District Commissioner, Chairman; Roger Otott, Vice Chairman, 2nd District Commissioner; and Gary Ouellette, 3rd District Commissioner. Denae Dimler, County Clerk, was present to record meeting minutes.

Next regular meeting will be Monday, August 4, 2014 at 8:30 A.M.

Chairman Mueller called the meeting to order.

Roxanne Schottel, Washington County Hospital CEO, gave an update on the hospital project, pledges, and Medicare reimbursements. Schottel asked for a $50,000 increase to the 2015 budget. Schottel offered a tour of Phase II of the hospital project to the Board. Ouellette asked Schottel to provide monthly financial statements with the monthly hospital board minutes.

Gloria Moore, Tourism Director, presented the July 2014 tourism report. Moore indicated tour groups aren’t visiting the Washington County Historical Society and she is currently looking for ways to encourage attendance. Moore said the Historical Society is promoted but people aren’t interested in going to museums unless they are interactive.

The Board signed change orders 2013-49 to 2013-52 and 2013-55.

Dimler gave an update on the return of polling places and indicated all election equipment was delivered last week to the locations.

Duane Bruna, Environmental Science Director, requested executive session for non-elected personnel. No action was taken.

Janice Kearn, County Health Administrator, presented cost estimates for the remodel of an existing building. Kearn said she has people asking why the County isn’t building a new building when land was purchased for that reason. Kearn feels her department has worked hard to save funds so a new building could be built. According to Larry Bruna of Hutton Construction, it would cost $100/sq. ft. to remodel and local carpenters have said it would cost $125/sq. ft. to build a new facility so Kearn feels it would be worth the investment to spend a little more and get a new building.

Don Alldredge, Janitor, said the work on the sidewalks has been completed and the Board took a tour around the Courthouse lawn to view the completed project. Upon returning to the Commission room, the Board told Alldredge that Judge Cudney approached them about the lack of cleanliness on the second floor of the Courthouse. The Board reminded Alldredge that he was given an extra hour in the morning to get bathrooms cleaned and mopping done before patrons arrived in the Courthouse and told him that if cleaning was not going to be done during that hour then there was no need to come in an hour early. Mueller said she had given Alldredge a list of things that need to be done on a daily basis and presented him with a copy of that list.

David Willbrant, Public Works Administrator, presented weekly work report. Mueller signed a payroll change notice for Jeremy Miller who was working as a seasonal employee. Otott asked Willbrant to move a back hoe that has been broken down near Haddam for several weeks. Otott feels it should be sitting on the County’s property until it is fixed and then it can be returned to the worksite.

The Board commenced acting as the Public Building Commission at 11:35 A.M. and adjourned at 12:00 P.M.

The Board reconvened as the BOCC at 12:00 P.M.

Mary Oelschlager, County Health Department Nurse, expressed concerns about the current and future health department facility. Oelschlager said the health department staff needs more room to get their jobs done with privacy. She feels the department has worked hard to save money for a new facility and they don’t want an old building with no windows. Mueller said that even if a new building were being considered, the land the County purchased is being used by contractors on the hospital project so nothing could be started at this time. Ouellette said he is against spending more money than what is currently set aside for the project. Otott said he has not received any feedback indicating the public wants a new building. Based on comments he has received, he feels the public wants the County to use an existing building.

The meeting adjourned at 12:30 P.M.

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