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Peter Pan Flies this Weekend; Annual Musical is Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

“We’re ready for an audience,” said Carla Wolfe, the director for the Marysville Area Community Theatre’s production of Peter Pan. “We’ve worked really hard this summer – especially with some of the special effects needed for this show – and now we’re ready to perform.”

The three act musical will be presented in the Marysville High School auditorium at 7:30 p.m. on July 24, 25, and 26, and at 2:30 p.m. on July 27.

The musical is based on J. M. Barrie’s classic tale with a score by Morris Charlap and Jule Styne and lyrics by Carolyn Leigh, Betty Comden, and Adolph Green.

A treasured children’s tale, the story is applicable for audience members of all ages.

“We still have imaginations no matter how old we are,” said Mikah Kee, who plays the villainous role of Captain Hook. “We’re all children at heart.”

The show opens in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Darling, played by Greg Marples and Pat Breeding, and their three children, Wendy, John, and Michael, portrayed by ShayeAlta Naaf, Ben Frese, and Clara Kee. Against Mr. Darling’s better judgment, they rely on the dog Nana, played by Megan Oldehoeft, to be the nursemaid for their children. Mrs. Darling defends Nana by pointing to the previous week when the furry companion alerted the family of a boy who had snuck into the children’s room.

After Mr. and Mrs. Darling put the children to bed, Peter Pan, played by Sara Naaf, flies into the children’s bedroom. After waking them, Peter describes the way fairies are born and die, leading him to introduce his fairy friend, Tinkerbell. He also describes the place where he lives – Never Never Land, a place where “dreams are born and time is never planned.” Peter is the leader of a gang of forgotten children, known as The Lost Boys.

The Lost Boys are portrayed by Anna Cohorst, Allison Dierking, Jacob Haefele, Layce Hartman, Jackie Herny, Charlotte Naaf, Josephine Naaf, Jordyn Smith, Patrick Smith, and Peyton Smith.

Peter Pan teaches the Darling children to fly so they can travel with him to Never Never Land. He sprinkles fairy dust on them and tells them to think lovely thoughts. The children follow Peter toward the second star to the right. Before he leaves, however, Michael doubles back to sprinkle fairy dust on Liza, the Darling’s maid, portrayed by Rhiannon Ambrose. Michael invites her along, but speeds away before he can see whether she will or not.

Outside Peter’s underground lair, Captain Hook, played by Kee, vows to kill Peter Pan because he cut off his hand and threw it to a crocodile, played by Sterling Oliver. Hook is aided by his sidekick, Smee, played by Victor Blecharczyk, and the rest of the pirates, portrayed by Paul Kessinger, Mike O’Neil, Megan Oldehoeft, Rhiannon Ambrose, Teri Cohorst, and Sterling Oliver.

To conquer Hook and his pirates, Peter enlists the help of Tiger Lily, portrayed by Catherine Kee, and her band of Indian Maidens, played by Danielle Ahearn, Crysta Stanton, Brandi Throm, and Kailey Prior.

The pirates attack, subdue the Indians and capture Wendy, Michael, and John. They are taken to Hook’s pirate ship.

In the end, the pirates are entertainingly defeated, and Peter challenges Hook to a duel and defeats him.

Back home, a worried Mr. and Mrs. Darling have waited by the nursery window every night hoping for their children to return. The children silently reappear and the family celebrates.

The show ends in the same nursery many years later where the grown up Wendy, portrayed by Carla Wolfe, encounters Peter Pan. Wendy introduces Peter to her daughter, Jane, and Peter teaches Jane how to fly.

The musical is filled with familiar songs like “I’m Flying,” “I’ve Gotta Crow,” “I Won’t Grow Up,” and “Never Never Land.”

A twelve-piece orchestra, under the direction of Scotti Claeys, will accompany the actors. Band members are Meg Baker, John Banister, Mike Boss, Sterling Clark, Taylor Dunham, Andrew Frese, Hannah Malotte, Chris Miertschin, Liza Mooradian, Kristyn Norris, Valerie Oltman, and Tricia Schmitz.

Tickets prices are $10 for adults, $9 for senior citizens, and $5 for students. Advanced tickets may be purchased at the Marysville Chamber of Commerce; tickets will also be sold at the door.

For additional information people may call Wolfe at 785-562-8323.

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