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Marysville City Council Meeting Notes

The Marysville City Council met Monday, and was presented an estimate for roughly $90,000 for curb and gutter work on Tenth Street, from Laramie to Jenkins. That was approved. Council discussed several vacant, or neglected properties in the city. It was consensus that the specific properties noted were current on taxes, and did not present an immediate threat to health or safety. Still, the city remains diligent in efforts encouraging owners to adequately maintain properties. Later in the meeting, status of the vacant Carolyn’s Kitchen building was raised. The mayor indicated that he has been in contact with the owners, who are apparently reluctant to do anything at this time.

Budget issues came up several times during the meeting, with the City Administrator asked what he was doing to control the general fund. The Council on a 3-4 vote denied a request for Rick Shain to attend an IMCA meeting coming up. During roundtable discussion, Carla Grund distributed a three page outline regarding potential budget savings. She indicated that she believed the city could achieve a six mill reduction in taxes next year. It was requested that the Admin/Finance Committee meet prior to preparation of the annual budget.

The Kansas Department of Transportation has approved preliminary plans for highway access for a new Subway store near KanEquip. They are proceeding with filing building plans.

Concerns with contingency costs, and responsibility for various changes, or issues at the new pool were discussed with no action taken. Council met in executive session for one half hour following a question from the last meeting that involved a city employee, and an elected official. No details provided, with no action taken.

It was suggested that the Marysville School Board appears reluctant to resolve the tennis court issue. A recommendation from City Attorney John McNish to explore the potential of creating a recreation board will be further explored.

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