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Legal Questions Raised At Marysville City Council Meeting

The Marysville City Council met Monday. First order of business was the challenge of approving minutes of the previous meeting. Following discussion, an amendment was offered, which resulted in a 3-3 tie, with the mayor voting no. Following further discussion, a motion to approve as presented also resulted in a 3-3 tie, with the mayor voting yes. That accomplished, the meeting continued. The council voted to annex Jayhawk Road, from 8th to 16th Street, including the intersections. Council approved establishing a disconnect fee for city water/sewer users, instead of the current reconnect fee, which some have avoided by moving to another residence within the city.

Legal wranglings came up on several occasions at Monday’s meeting. Questions were directed at the City Attorney for clarification of open meetings, and open records. Reference was made to a previous executive session held. On a related matter, it was suggested that a policy be established with regard to committee meetings, and notification of the same.

Work has yet to begin on the new Subway restaurant near KanEquip. Earlier agreement regarding street and access improvements had been approved. The city is now asked to spend $70,000 for water, and $34,000 for sewer improvements, which would allow further development to the north in the future. That passed 6-1 with Vicki Gross voting no. The issue of tennis court improvements came up again, with consensus to consider Armour Coat resealing the current courts. That idea will be passed along to the committee and school district before proceeding further.

Concerns with increasing employee benefit costs, overtime worked, and concerns with projects that are approved, and later come with additional expenses were discussed. Council went twice into executive session, and legal questions again surfaced, apparently in reference to the Mayor addressing the county commissioners regarding potential adoption of a countywide sales tax. Discussion went so far as to direct the City Attorney to draft a letter of reprimand of the Mayor. That motion failed on a 3-4 vote, with Carla Grund, Vicki Gross, and Dennis Schroller in favor. A final executive session was held, and the meeting was adjourned with no action taken.

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