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Marysville City Council Meeting Notes

The Marysville City Council met Monday, and laid to rest the issue of raising chickens within city limits. An issue that has been considered, reconsidered, and discussed at length for some time came down to a vote on a proposed ordinance drafted by the City Attorney, who had explored options with a committee. They had suggested a one year trial program with ten residents selected on a lottery style basis after application. That proposal failed on a 2-6 vote, with Todd Frye and Vicki Gross voting in favor of the motion, which would have allowed raising chickens within city limits.

A final plat for the Lily Creek housing subdivision proposed east of Marysville, on the north side of U.S. Highway 36 was approved. During discussion, Councilman Wayne Price raised concerns with access to a stand-alone subdivision, also asking how it would fit into any future development plans. Access issues are to be resolved with additional access to be determined from the north end of the property. A roll call vote to move ahead with approval was tied 4-4, with the mayor voting yes to break the tie, and approve the subdivision.

The City Auditor reported findings from a recent audit, with everything in order. She emphasized the importance of reserve funds, adding that they be documented as such for specific purposes, and that as time went on ordinances be adopted repurposing such funds as necessary.

Fire contracts with townships were approved for an additional three year term, at 3.5 mills, the same as has been in force the past ten years. A bid for curb and gutter work came in at $66,000, roughly 30% less than the estimate. After discussion, a motion to contract additional work not to exceed $90,000 was approved, with Vicki Gross voting no. No bids were received for work on the Koester House Museum; the Kansas Historical Society will help, providing potential contractor candidates.

The City Attorney suggested an option of developing a recreation commission, which would have mill levy authority, and could deal with development, maintenance, and use of recreational facilities such as the tennis courts and ballparks. No action was taken.

The Marysville City Brush Dump site north of town will be open Monday–Friday afternoons 4-6, and Saturday/Sunday afternoons 1-5 effective immediately.

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