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Nemaha County Commission Meeting Minutes – April 28

The Board of Nemaha County Commissioners met in regular session on Monday, April 28, 2014 in the Commission Room of the Nemaha County Courthouse. The meeting was called to order by Chairman Tim Burdiek leading the flag salute. Present also were Commissioners Dennis Henry and Gary Scoby, Road and Bridge/Solid Waste Supervisor Dennis Ronnebaum and Office Manager Janet Linden, and County Clerk Mary Kay Schultejans recording the minutes.

Connie Winkler, employee with the Nemaha County Treasurer’s Office, came before the board to present to Commissioners her written resignation effective June 30, 2014.

Road and Bridge/Solid Waste Report:

Road and Bridge/Solid Waste Supervisor Dennis Ronnebaum advised the board that:

  • He had considered trenching a line for 3-phase electrical to the Recycling Building located near the county shop. Dennis stated that Mitchell Electric advised him that this wasn’t needed. Dennis stated that the Nemaha County Fair Board still would like to see this installed.
  • They tore up the south mile on the Goff-Oneida Road last week.
  • Hall Brothers might start overlaying the Goff-Oneida Road this week if weather permits.

Noxious Weed/Emergency Preparedness Report:

Noxious Weed/Emergency Preparedness Director Todd Swart advised the board that:

  • They are no longer able to pay for maintenance of the 911 addressing signs throughout the county through the 911 Fund. Todd stated that this cost usually runs about $6,000 – $7,000 per year. Commissioners advised Todd to begin budgeting for this in the Emergency Preparedness Fund in 2015.
  • Alex Hermesch will be working again as seasonal help in the Noxious Weed Department this summer. Commissioners agreed to pay Alex $9.00 per hour this summer. Todd stated that he would like to hire Dustin Boeckman as seasonal help this summer as well. Commissioners agreed to hire Dustin at a rate of $8.50 per hour.

Sheriff’s Report:

Sheriff Rich Vernon advised the board that:

  • His department had an interesting weekend.
  • They are currently holding eight inmates in the jail.
  • He is considering hiring a relief dispatcher. Commissioners agreed to begin advertising for this position.

Commissioners phoned and spoke to Nancy Gafford with Rural Development Association of Northeast Kansas concerning a possible countywide neighborhood revitalization plan in Nemaha County.

Mike Clowe with the City of Wetmore came before the board. Mr. Clowe asked Commissioners if residents of the City of Wetmore could tear down uninhabitable structures and take to the Nemaha County Landfill at a maximum cost to the resident of $100 per structure. Commissioners agreed to allow this.

The board reviewed the minutes from the April 21, 2014 meeting. Dennis Henry moved to approve the minutes as presented. Gary Scoby seconded the motion. The motion carried with all voting aye.

Greg Visser and Ross Mosteller with the Nemaha County Fair Board came before the board. They spoke to Commissioners about electrical issues concerning the construction of the new Fair Building. Commissioners advised Mr. Visser and Mr. Mosteller to take bids for the electrical work to be done.

Jane Sunderland came before the board on behalf of Northeast Kansas Environmental Services. She presented Commissioners with the revised Interlocal Agreement that all counties receiving services through Northeast Kansas Environmental Services will sign and agree to. Following discussion, Gary Scoby moved to adopt Resolution 2014-7 approving the revised Interlocal Agreement with Northeast Kansas Environmental Services. Dennis Henry seconded the motion. The motion carried with all voting aye. Commissioners signed the Interlocal Agreement and the resolution as presented.

County Attorney Brad Lippert came before the board. Following discussion, Gary Scoby moved to approve the updated Nemaha County Employee Handbook with the attached Drug and Alcohol Policy included effective May 1, 2014. Dennis Henry seconded the motion. The motion carried with all voting aye. Copies of the updated handbook will be distributed to employees as soon as possible.

The board reviewed vouchers submitted by the different departments to be paid at the end of April.

With no further county business coming before the board, Chairman Tim Burdiek adjourned the meeting at 2:00 pm. The next regularly scheduled meeting will be held on Monday, May 5, 2014 at 9:00 am.

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