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Marysville City Council Meeting Notes

Marysville City Council met Monday. Robert Woodard requested, and received approval for a sewer line extension to a second 6,000 square foot building that he is proposing just west of his current building in the city industrial park. Council agreed to the waiver from standard practice of requiring another line, noting that due to the location it would be very unlikely that the two buildings could ever be sold separately.

Options for relocating antennas on the city water tower were reviewed. It was consensus that leasing space on a tower south of Marysville from Haug Communications of Seneca would be more feasible than the city constructing a new tower near the lagoons west of town. That idea had been favored after considering options for relocation due to repainting of the water tower.

A proposal for increasing a 30”drainage tube on 11th Road between the Nord and Vogelsberg properties to a 2 x 8 foot box was tabled after discussion, until an adjacent landowner could be contacted. Solving the drainage issue is a concern for area residents, and could resolve issues currently standing in the way of development of a duplex housing project near the new water tower east of town.

Final cost figures for the AWOS Improvement Project at the airport were reviewed. Local trusts have pledged contributions of some $67,000, reducing the city share to just over $10,000 toward the estimated total cost of just over one half million dollars, the balance of which is funded through the state.

Later a question was raised as to why the county did not help fund airport operations and improvements. Consensus was to have the City Administrator approach the county about sharing in some of those costs going forward.

An agreement with developers for a proposed new building for Subway Restaurants, to be built just west of KanEquip, included parameters for street and infrastructure improvements. Estimated cost to the city is $109,000, with $63,000 toward street development, and $46,000 toward sewer service. It was reported that the current Subway will be closing this week until a new building is completed.

Mileage reimbursement for three trips to Topeka by the mayor were discussed, and approved on a 5-3 vote.


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