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Marysville City Council Meeting Notes

Marysville City Council met Monday, and considered options for a communications antenna located on the city water tower. Planned repainting will require moving the antennas which serve the city, schools, sheriff, and emergency services. Options for relocating the antennas to a temporary, or another permanent location were considered. Following discussion, ideas to locate a tower near the city lagoon west of town appeared the most feasible. Alternatives were leaving as is, not repainting, leasing another tower, setting a tower alongside, or relocation. No decisions were made.

Council met Tuesday evening to review proposed options for the tennis court project in the city park. Members suggested including the school board in the planning process, with hopes of sharing construction costs.

Opinions were divided on proceeding with a connector project at the city airport, which would allow pilots a turnaround point midfield. An updated engineering estimate came in at $170,000, with the city responsible for a percentage of anything up to, as well as anything over $160,000. Those costs could amount to upwards of $80,000. Concerns with turning down a state grant already approved were heard, with the council voting 5-3 to table the project.

No decision was made on a proposal to charge commercial operators for use of the city brush dump site. Council discussed briefly ideas with regard to the city acquisition of the former Union Pacific Railroad Depot, railyard, and parking. Hopes are to coordinate with K-DOT on improving access and function on Seventh Street immediately north of U.S. Highway 36. It was noted that storm water/drainage issues previously discussed may be ready for presentation to the Planning Commission meeting Thursday. Carla Grund urged development of five year, as well as long term plans, particularly with the machinery reserve, and capital improvement funds.

Mayor Bill Phillippi reported that he had testified in Topeka this past week on a resolution which may combine city and school board elections in November.


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