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Washington County Courthouse Closed Monday; Commission Notes

Washington County Commissioners met Monday. County health administrator Janice Kearn updated prospects on renovating the former Shoens market as a new site for the county health department. Numerous repairs necessary to that existing building would be costly. As a result a ballpark estimate could not be determined, and it was decided that building on a new site may be more cost effective. Plans drawn in 2010 by Hutton Associates for a 6100 square foot facility were reviewed, but a cost estimate was not provided. Commissioner Mueller advised that the project would fall under the public building commission, and that funds were have been set aside. If additional funds are needed, then the type of funding would determine if or not the proposal would go to a public vote.

Comments on Facebook regarding reserve balance transfers recently drew attention of commissioners, who urged anyone, including the public, as well as current or past county employees with concerns address the board directly, rather than responding to social media.

A meeting of the public building commission to review final pricing on the hospital project with the contractor is set for February 4th at 1:00.

The Washington County Courthouse will be closed Monday for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and commissioners will meet Tuesday, January 21.

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