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Marysville City Council Meeting Notes

The Marysville City Council met Monday. A public hearing on the 2014 budget was held. A motion by Carla Grund to accept her alternate to the published budget was seconded, and resulted in a 4-4 tie with Grund, Todd Frye, Vicki Gross and Dennis Schroller for the alternate. Mayor Bill Phillipi broke the tie with a no vote. Following public comment from Sonja Stohs, Carla Grund moved to amend 7th and Broadway Street improvements from bond to sales tax funding that would potentially save 3 mills in taxes. Tied 4-4 on the same lines, the mayor voted no. Another amendment to transfer $15,000 from general to municipal reserve failed on a 3-5 vote. Finally, a motion to accept the proposed budget, as published resulted in another 4-4 tie, with the mayor voting yes. A motion to fund a final $48,000 payment on the water line project from the water fund, as opposed to special improvements was approved.

A bid for improvements at the Koester House Museum came in at over $137,000, well over the engineers’ estimate of $44,000. Because of the significant difference, the bid was rejected, and the project will be reviewed, with an eye toward breaking the project into various improvement phases to encourage lower costs. The project is to be funded through contributions and a match toward the Koester Foundation.

Discussion regarding funding for an automated weather service at the city airport was followed with a 5-2 vote to proceed, Grund and Gross voting no.

A clarification of an ordinance that would require the city to notify residents within 1250’ of a proposed change, instead of the current 200’ was discussed. Wayne Price clarified that the change would affect larger lot properties of 2-5 acres, but not be effective for closer density neighborhoods.

Carla Grund and Vicki Gross expressed concern with residency requirements for committee appointments by the mayor. A vote on the issue passed 4-2, with 2 voting present due to conflict of interest. The amendment would allow appointments for those living within three miles of city limits.

An offer from Frankfort of $10,000 for the city pool slide was accepted. The issue of lifeguard pay was discussed. No action was taken on an idea to raise wages by $1 per hour from the present minimum wage.

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