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Washington County Commissioners Meeting Wrap-Up

Washington County Commissioners met Monday. Teryl Goeckel of Washington asked commissioners to consider adopting the Rural Enterprise Zone Program which is administered by the Kansas Department of Commerce, and offers incentives on income tax and student loan repayments for individuals willing to move to one of the counties designated by the program. Washington County is one of fifty counties in the state that qualifies for the program.

All department heads met to discuss the overtime policy set in may. A motion passed unanimously to return to the 2003 policy on overtime. The board also discussed possibly implementing longevity pay. A public notice from KDHE was presented regarding an increase in the animal units from the previous permit for Lei Riverview confined animal feeding operation located in Hollenberg. The permit will remain posted in the courthouse until July 27. Judge Cudney has scheduled a meeting for July 15 in Concordia regarding the concealed carry law. All counties in the twelfth judicial district are exempt from the concealed carry law until the first of the year. The board met for an hour as the Public Building Commission, and will meet again in that capacity July 8 and 11.

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