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USD 364 Board of Education Notes 5-8-2013

Ryan Smith gave a presentation on the Junior Achievement Program for grades K-8 that Rotary Club would be willing to sponsor. Junior Achievement is an innovative partnership between the business community, educators and volunteers educating students about workforce readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy through experiential, hands-on programs.

  • Approved the Junior Achievement Program for grades K-8. (Motion passed 7-0)
  • Accepted the following donations:  (Motion passed 7-0)
    • FFA received $1,000.00 Rotary Grant to purchase ipads.
    • Received $200.00 from KNDY (Bruce Dierking) for the band program.
    • MES received $20.00 for an anonymous donation.
    • Received $150.00 from Blue Valley Telephone to Softball Club.
    • Received a class set of intermediate/elementary dictionaries for the 6th grade classrooms donated by Kiwanis.
    • Kramer Oil made donations to the following clubs:
      • Cheerleaders – $59.84
      • Popular Music Lab – $64.05
      • FFA – $66.94
      • KSCFL – $56.02
    • Donations received for the FBLA Nationals trip:
      • Citizen’s State Bank – $100
      • John & Diane Luebcke – $300
      • June Luebcke – $600
      • First Commerce Bank – $200
  • Reviewed a budget report showing the current budget spent compared to budget spent for the last two years.
  • Approved the 2012-13 audit contract with Kickhaefer & Associates, P.A. in the amount of $9,750.  (Motion passed 7-0)
  • Entered into an agreement with Kramer Oil Company to provide two fuel tanks at the bus garage and the district will purchase fuel exclusively for 10 years beginning 7/1/2013.  (Motion passed 6-0)
  • Heard that repairs to the sidewalk west of the Junior High were needed due to water running from the locker room roof under the sidewalk.  Guttering will be installed on the west side of the Junior High to help with drainage.
  • Heard about a proposal to contract with US Foods to furnish and deliver food and supplies to the food service department, which would result in a 18 – 20% reduction in food costs.  The board thanked Regina Wassenberg for all of her effort to cut down food service costs.
  • Mike Melcher and Tob Wood gave a power point presentation on the Charter Ed program and the programs that have been initiated to teach character, target areas of the school which have potential as locations for negative student behavior, and reward positive student behavior.
  • Approved a motion to search for an interim Superintendent for the 2013-14 school year, and to contract with McPherson & Jacobson L.L.C. to conduct a search for a Superintendent in the fall of 2013.  (Motion passed 7-0)
  • Approved a motion to continue to offer voluntary student accident insurance through Student Assurance Services.  (Motion passed 7-0)
  • Entered into a one-year cooperative agreement between Good Shepherd Lutheran School and USD #364 to participate in inter-scholastic activities and athletics for the 2013-14 school year.  (Motion passed 7-0)
  • Accepted the following resignations:  (Motion passed 7-0)
    • Tacy Russell – 1st grade teacher at MES
    • Adria Borchert Jackson – paraprofessional at Valley Heights
    • Samantha Parker – secondary resource room at Valley Heights.
  • Appointed Michael Lee as Junior High Science Teacher.  (Motion passed 7-0)
  • Appointed Landon Wright as Elementary Teacher.  (Motion passed 7-0)
  • Appointed Chris Nelson as Special Education Teacher at Valley Heights.

(Motion passed 7-0)

  • Appointed Sheila Wood as Speech/Language Pathologist.  (Motion passed 7-0)
  • Appointed Merlene Miller as Kids University Coordinator.  (Motion passed 7-0)
  • Transferred Brad Hammett from district substitute to At Risk Teacher.

(Motion passed 7-0)

  • Transferred Peggy Koppes to custodian from paraprofessional.  (Motion passed 7-0)
  • Transferred Rita Throm to MES secretary from paraprofessional.  (Motion passed 7-0)
  • Approved the following extended contract days:  (Motion passed 7-0)
    • Mickie Crowther (1 day) S3 Grant Training
    • K’Lynne Degenhardt (10 days) Scheduling
    • Jackie Gabbert (20 days) Vocational Education Supervision and Leadership
    • Gail Gilkerson (8 days) CPR Training and MES enrollment.
    • Amy Hoover (7 days) Counselor
    • Lynn Kracht (10 days) Librarian
    • Craig Lister (30 days) Vocation Education Supervision and Leadership
    • Cindy Mattingly (10 days) Secondary Library Aide
    • Deb Nelsen (10 days) Elementary Library Aide
    • Sharon Vogelsberg (11 days) Librarian and Computer Lab
  • Approved 2013-14 extra duty assignments as presented (attached).

(Motion passed 7-0)

  • Approved the Extended School Term Proposal for the summer of 2013.

(Motion passed 7-0)

  • Approved a motion to set a special board meeting in the next week to discuss the superintendent search. (Motion passed 7-0)


Extra Duty Assignments

Approved 5/8/13

Assistant Football Landon Wright
Assistant Football Trent Giffin
Assistant Football Ross Wright
JH Assistant Football J.I. Hornung
JH Assistant Football Mike Melcher
JH Assistant Football Derek Pretre
JH Head Volleyball Amy Renyer
Assistant Boys Basketball J. I. Hornung
9th Head Boys Basketball David Heyd
JH Head Boys Basketball Landon Wright
JH Assistant Boys Basketball Trent Giffin
Assistant Girls Basketball Jayson Tynon
Head Baseball David Heyd
Assistant Baseball Derek Pretre
Head Golf Julio Franco
Assistant Golf Jayson Tynon
Head Softball Trent Giffin
Assistant Softball Barb Dummermuth
Head Boys Tennis Mary Kessinger-Wassom
Head Boys & Girls Track Amy Rueger
Assistant Track J.I.  Hornung
Assistant Track John Rueger
Art Club April Spicer
Drama Carla Wolfe
Kays Julie Meinhardt
Kays Linda Duever
Matmaids Angie Fredrickson
M-Club Mary Kessinger-Wassom
M-Club Dustin Heuer
Science Club – High School Kim Houtz
Science Club – Junior High Jenny Thayer-Wood
National Honor Society Mickie Crowther
YOGOWYPI Mickie Crowther
Art Show April Spicer
Cheerleader Sponsor Sonja Stoll
Cheerleader Football Sponsor Sonja Stoll
Cheerleader Basketball Sponsor Sonja Stoll
Cheerleader Wrestling Sponsor Sonja Stoll
Class Sponsor – Senior K’Lynne Degenhardt
Class Sponsor – Junior Carla Wolfe
Class Sponsor – Junior Crystal Miller
Class Sponsor – Sophomore Lynn Kracht
Class Sponsor – Sophomore Kim Houtz
Class Sponsor – Freshman Jenny Thayer-Wood
Forensics/KSCFL Carla Wolfe
State & Federal Programs Jeanne Bruna
Webmater High School Lynn Kracht
Webmater Junior High Gina Bartels
Webmater Elementary Jamie Slupianek
FFA Advisor Craig Lister
FFA Advisor Jacque Gabbert
FBLA Advisor Lynn Kracht
FCCLA Advisor Gay Frazee
Instrumental Music Toby Wood
Vocal Music Valerie Oltman
P.D.C. Chairperson Sharon Vogelsberg
P.D.C. Data Coordinator Lynn Kracht
P.D.C.Member Lori Douglas
P.D.C.Member Lynn Kracht
P.D.C.Member Mickie Crowther
P.D.C.Member Kathy Totten
P.D.C.Member Sharon Vogelsberg
Play – Spring Carla Wolfe
Play – Fall Carla Wolfe
Quiz Bowl – Senior High Linda Duever
Quiz Bowl – Junior High Julie Meinhardt
RTI/MTSS Data Coordinator – S.H. Mickie Crowther
RTI/MTSS Member – S.H. Lona Dittmar
RTI/MTSS Member – S.H. Kim Houtz
RTI/MTSS Member – S.H. Mickie Crowther
RTI/MTSS Member – S.H. Mike Melcher
RTI/MTSS Member – S.H. Roxanne Tilley
RTI/MTSS Data Coordinator – J.H. Julie Meinhardt
RTI/MTSS Member – J.H. Joel Naaf
RTI/MTSS Member – J.H. Cindy Ring
RTI/MTSS Member – J.H. Julie Meinhardt
RTI/MTSS Member – J.H. Jenny Thayer-Wood
RTI/MTSS Member – J.H. Angie Johnson
RTI/MTSS Member – J.H. Tob Wood
RTI/MTSS Chairperson Amy Hoover
RTI/MTSS Chairperson Deb Stohs
RTI/MTSS Chairperson Sharon Vogelsberg
RTI/MTSS Chairperson Deb Miller
RTI/MTSS Member – Elem. Amy Ackerman
RTI/MTSS Member – Elem. Lori Douglas
RTI/MTSS Member – Elem. Diana Habig
RTI/MTSS Member – Elem. Brenda Edwards
RTI/MTSS Member – Elem. Jamie Slupianek
RTI/MTSS Member – Elem. Stacy Wullschleger
Student Council – Senior High Brian Cook
Building Leadership Team – Junior High Julie Meinhardt
Building Leadership Team – Junior High Joel Naaf
Yearbook – Senior High Carla Wolfe
Yearbook – Junior High Gina Bartels


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