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2012 Volleyball All State Teams, Players of the Year & Coaches of the Year Announced

November 12, 2012 – The Kansas Volleyball Association is pleased to announce the 2012 All State Team, Players of the Year, and Coaches of the Year selections for all classifications.

Janae Haag Olpe 5’11” OH SR
Kristina Farber Hoxie 5’9” OH JR
Elena Flott Olpe 5’11” OH JR
Morgan Hood Bucklin 5’8” OH JR
Kaitlyn Koch Centralia 5’10” OH JR
Morgan Osborne St. John-Hudson 5’8” OH/MB SR
Jamie Waters St. John-Hudson 5’4” S SR
Kora Bergstrom Scandia-Pike Valley 6’0” OH SR
Haley Falk St. John-Hudson 5’8” OH/MB JR
Tia Goertzen Goessel 5’7” OH SR
Tyann Isaacs Caldwell 5’10” OH JR
Kayla McDougald Olpe 5’3” L JR
Katy Rhodd Dexter/Cedar Vale 5’10” OH SR
Ashley Romig Waverly 5’11” OH SR
Kaylie Berkley Dexter/Cedar Vale 5’6” S/OH SR
Kindal Deters Centralia 5’5” OH SR
Casey Freed Scandia-Pike Valley 5’4” S/OH JR
Carly Heim Hoxie 5’7” S/OH SO
Alex Hiebert Goessel 5’10” MB SR
Nicole Ohlde Linn 5’9” MB SO
Emily Slattery Spearville 5’11” MB SR
Player of the Year:  Janae Haag, Olpe
Coach of the Year:  Marilyn Stueve, Olpe
Laura Sudbeck Baileyville B&B 5’9” OH JR
Kelsey Hale Weskan 6’1” MB/OH JR
Haylea Hessman Argonia 5’9” OH JR
Katie Huerter Baileyville B&B 5’6” L JR
Mackenzie Klaver Norwich 5’8” MB SR
Ashley Kramer Baileyville B&B 5’6” S JR
Brooke Ostmeyer Wheatland-Grinnell 5’7” S SR
Dana Kramer Wetmore 5’7” OH SR
Jaci Peetoom Argonia 5’4” OH SR
Antjelica Pfannenstiel Wilson 5’9” MB SR
Tristan Rathgeber Wheatland-Grinnell 5’8” OH JR
Robyn See Weskan 5’4” OH/MB SO
Sara Webb Southern Coffey County 5’11” MB SR
Tara Whipple Ingalls 5’7” OH SR
Danica Casey Natoma 5’7” OH SR
Hannah Mitchell Axtell 5’7” OH SR
Alayna Noe Wetmore 5’3” S SR
Paige Ramey Wheatland-Grinnell 5’8” MB JR
Shayna Rooge Triplains-Brewster 5’6” OH SO
Haley Strathman Baileyville B&B 6’0” OH SR
Shelley Wamsley Weskan 5’6” S SR
Player of the Year:  Laura Sudbeck, Baileyville B&B
Coach of the Year:  Jessica Koch, Baileyville B&B
Kylie Penning Washington County 5’8” S SR
Erin Alexander Washington County 6’0” OH SO
Jacee Kramer Jefferson County North 5’8” OH JR
Jamie Navinskey Jefferson County North 5’9” OH JR
Shelby Stewart Hill City 5’1” L SR
Aubrey Wilson Ell-Saline 5’8” OH/S JR
Emily Work Ell-Saline 5’6” OH SR
Sydney Benoit Smith Center 5’9” S/OH SR
Darrien Collins Hill City 5’10” OH SR
Ashton Door Burlingame 5’9” S JR
Riann Heft Kiowa County 5’4” S JR
Briana Lewis Burlingame 5’9” OH SR
Kaitlyn Stark Pratt-Skyline 5’9” MB/S JR
Megan Stegman Washington County 5’7” MB SR
Abby Anderson Republic County 5’7” MB SR
Jayna Flach Wabaunsee 6’2” MB JR
Brooke Holloway Moundridge 5’10” MB JR
Heather Melton Kiowa County 5’10” OH JR
Sesely Omli Ell-Saline 5’5” S JR
Xannie Quiring Berean Academy 5’6” MB SR
Lauren Rockhold Uniontown 5’2” L SR
Player of the Year:  Kylie Penning, Washington County
Coach of the Year:  Laramie Jueneman, Washington County
Tena Loewen Hillsboro 5’11” OH SR
Danae Bina Hillsboro 5’7” L JR
Natalie Dooley Garden Plain 5’6” OH SR
Cassidy Haukap Garden Plain 5’10” OH SR
Alex Ratzlaff Hillsboro 5’9” MB/OH FR
Alyssa Schultejans Silver Lake 6’2” MB SO
Ashley Sparks Wellsville 5’7” OH SO
Cadence Bourne Garden Plain 5’7” OH SR
Emilee Dechant Hutchinson-Trinity Catholic 6’0” MB JR
Ashlyn Lane Silver Lake 5’7” OH JR
Jade Hodge Mission Valley 5’6” S/OH JR
AnnaBelle Little Sedgwick 5’11” OH SR
Lindsay Poague Southeast of Saline 5’6” OH JR
Haley Rapp Sacred Heart 5’8” MB JR
Abi Degenhardt Marysville 6’0” OH JR
Kylee Dewey Silver Lake 5’7” OH SR
Hannah Doll Sacred Heart 5’9” OH SR
Mattison Dusin Phillipsburg 5’11” MB/S JR
Addie Lackey Hillsboro 5’8” OH/OPP JR
Emily Reed West Franklin 5’8” S/OH JR
Abigayle Rziha Hoisington 5’7” S JR
Player of the Year:  Tena Loewen, Hillsboro
Coach of the Year:  Sandy Arnold, Hillsboro
Katelyn Loecker McPherson 6’1” OH SR
Katelyn Dixon Louisburg 5’8” S SR
Kylie Pfaff Rose Hill 5’10” OH JR
Paige Regnier McPherson 6’0” MB JR
Julia Stringer Topeka-Hayden 5’8” OH JR
Bryna Vogel Clearwater 5’11” OH JR
Josie Williams Buhler 5’10” OH SR
Anna Bell Louisburg 5’9” MB SR
Keanu Bradley Rose Hill 5’2” L SR
Jennifer Whitledge Tonganoxie 5’11” OH SR
Rachel Griffitt Wamego 5’4” L SR
Hailey Myers Topeka-Hayden 5’9” MB JR
Briana Pontious McPherson 5’10” OH SR
Taylor Soucie Osawatomie 6’2” MB SR
Addie Barry Topeka-Hayden 5’4” L JR
Taylor Alderson Abilene 5’4” L SR
Macy Flowers Chanute 6’3” MB SO
Ali Jost Hesston 5’7” OH JR
True Mussetter Wamego 5’10” MB SO
Shelby Dahl Santa Fe Trail 5’10” MB JR
Bailey Santo Rose Hill 5’11” OPP SR
Player of the Year:  Katelyn Loecker, McPherson
Coach of the Year:  Christy Doile, McPherson
Jordan Tucker Bishop Miege 6’1” MB SR
Kali Eaken Bishop Miege 5’9” S JR
Emily Hiebert Newton 5’11” S/OH SR
Sydney Kuhn Kapaun Mt. Carmel 6’1” MB JR
Jody Larson Maize South 6’1” OH/S SR
Arianna Person St. James Academy 5’8” OH JR
Cassie Steuart Shawnee Heights 5’11” OH SR
Jenna Gray St. James Academy 5’9” S FR
Brianna Lewis St. James Academy 5’11” OH JR
Carlyle Nusbaum St. Thomas Aquinas 5’9” MB SO
Shaelyn Martin Salina Central 6’0” MB JR
Taylor Selk Shawnee Heights 6’0” MB JR
Hanna Shelton Valley Center 5’2” L JR
Meagan Williams Valley Center 5’11” MB SR
Taylor Bevis Bishop Carroll 5’9” OH SO
Meghan Dugan Bishop Carroll 6’0” OH/MB SR
Audriana Fitzmorris St. James Academy 6’4” MB FR
Audrey Grant Kapaun Mt. Carmel 6’0” OH JR
Abbie Lehman Newton 6’2” MB SR
Tatiana Schafer Topeka-Seaman 5’9” OH SR
Brittany Thomas St. Thomas Aquinas 5’4” L JR
Player of the Year:  Jordan Tucker, Bishop Miege
Coaches of the Year:  Nancy Dorsey, St. James Academy
Cassie Wait Gardner-Edgerton 5’8” OH SR
Hannah Bettge Gardner-Edgerton 5’9” S SR
Caroline Dupont Blue Valley North 6’1” MB SR
Erika Lane Washburn Rural 5’10” S SR
Ali Pollard Blue Valley North 6’1” S/OPP SR
Chloe Rogers Blue Valley-Stilwell 5’11” OH JR
Sarah Vicory Washburn Rural 6’1” MB SR
Kadie Baumgardner Washburn Rural 5’4” L SR
Jarin Braithwait Blue Valley-Stilwell 6’0” MB SR
Alyssa Carney Washburn Rural 5’8” OH SR
Meme Fletcher Blue Valley West 6’0” MB JR
Shelby Holmes Lawrence Free State 5’11” OH SR
Marissa Round Olathe East 5’10” MB SO
Shanna Witt Junction City 6’0” OH SR
Natalie Bates Blue Valley West 5’6” S SR
Caitlin Broadwell Lawrence 6’0” OH JR
Shayla Cotman Wichita Northwest 5’9” MB SR
Rachel Gearon Blue Valley-Stilwell 6’1” MB JR
Mary Kangas Maize 5’9” RH/S SR
Megan Starling Olathe East 5’11” MB SR
Keiryn Swenson Maize 6’1” S/OPP SO
Player of the Year:  Cassie Wait, Gardner-Edgerton
Coach of the Year:  Kevin Bordewick, Washburn Rural

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