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Marysville City Council Discuss Depot, Sets Meeting Dates for Pool

Marysville City Attorney John McNish informed the Marysville City Council that Landmark Enterprises, Inc. and the City met to discuss a management agreement for UP Depot and surrounding site, assuming that the City acquired the UP Depot and surrounding site from the Union Pacific Railway Company.  Landmark proposed they purchase the depot and the land east of where the railroad tracks originally ran from the city.

If approved City is required to purchase the site from the Union Pacific and then sell the property to Landmark. If the City acquires the property and sells it Landmark, the responsibility for the maintenance and perhaps demolition falls squarely upon Landmark. Landmark proposes to develop the parking area into a theater-type building. The depot is to be used as an historic attraction/meeting place.

At the City Council meeting, Landmark asked the City to sign the agreements with the Union Pacific and enter into an agreement with Landmark to sell the depot and the site area east of the tracks to Landmark. The City Council agreed to begin the process to acquire the land from Union Pacific.

Before the sale would move forward the property must pass an environmental inspection and the Union Pacific must present evidence of ownership. If these conditions are not met to the satisfaction of the City, the City can cancel the agreements.

The Marysville City Council is moving forward with the purchase of an Automated Weather center for airport.  The weather center will cost 100,000 dollars project 25,000 paid by city, 75,000 paid by KDOT.

Two public meetings have been scheduled to discuss the proposal for a new city pool.  The meetings will be held October 23rd and October 30th from 6-8 p.m. The city of Marysville has asked the citizens to approve a half cent sales tax to fund the building and operation of a new pool.  The sales tax question will be on the November ballot.

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