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Washington Loses Power

Early Sunday morning, the City of Washington lost power. Westar’s line opened up causing an area wide power outage. City of Washington staff generated power until notified by KMEA that power was no longer needed.


Staff received a call from KMEA later Sunday morning requesting generation for voltage support. Staff ran two generating units until notified to shut down.  When the generators were shut down power was lost for a second time. The city of Washington was notified that Prairie Land had a breaker fail on their substation south of Washington, which caused the overload and tripped the City’s generators.


According to Westar the city could have been without power for a much longer period of time if Washington did not have the ability to generate some of its own power.



The American Red Cross will hold a town hall meeting in Marysville on July 10th.  The meeting will be held at the Lee Dam Center for Fine Arts at 5 p.m.  Refreshments will be served.


According to a press release by Tricia Quinn, CEO of Red Cross Midwest, blood donations have decreased by 2 percent while the need has increased by 3 percent.  The meeting will focus on discussing ideas to promote blood donations and create a secure and stable blood supply.

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