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Washington County Commissioners Minutes 7-30-12

COMMISSION MINUTES, July 26, 2012, Meeting with the Washington City Council



Commission members Alison Mueller, Roger Otott and Gene Helms, David Willbrant, Public Works Administrator and Lou Kern,CountyClerk, attended the special meeting of the Washington City Council called forJuly 26, 2012at5:00 theWashingtonCity Hall.  Council members attending were Ryan Kern, Council President; Gene Martin, Justin Cordry, Meyler Gibbs and Mike Uhlrich, Council Members and Denise Powell, City Clerk.


The meeting was called to order by Mr. Kern.  Bid facts for survey, designs and construction engineering were summarized by David Willbrant, Public Works Administrator and Denise Powell, Washington City Clerk and presented to all present for consideration.  After review and discussion Gene Helms moved and Alison Mueller seconded to hire CES Engineers, Marysville for design and construction engineering services to begin immediately.  Motion carried.  Justin Cordry moved and Gene Martin seconded to hire CES Engineers, Marysville for design and construction engineering services to begin immediately.  Motion carried.  Elizabeth Hiltgen,CountyAttorneyand Washington City Attorney will prepare a Memorandum of Understanding as to the costs to be borne by both the commission and the city council.  Meyer Gibbs moved and Gene Martin seconded to adjourn at 5:55 P.M. Motion carried.  Roger Otott moved and Gene Helms seconded to adjourn at5:55 P.M.  Motion carried.



           COMMISSION MINUTES,July 30, 2012        


The Board of Washington County Commission met in regular session on Monday, July 23, 2012in the commission room at the Washington County Courthouse.  Present:  Roger Otott, Vice Chairman, 2nd District Commissioner; Gene Helms, 3rd District Commissioner,  and Lou Kern, County Clerk.  Absent:  Alison Mueller, 1st District Commissioner, Chairman, due to illness and Elizabeth Hiltgen,CountyAttorney, due to trial matters


Vice Chairman Otott called the meeting to order.


The next regular meeting isMonday, August 6, 2012at8:30 A.M.


The commission will meet with John Denney,CountyAuditor, on Friday, August 3 at9:00 finalize the 2013 county budget.


Reggie Klozenbucher, representing the Klozenbucher Family Trust, spoke with the board in regard to the fence viewing scheduled for August 6 at1:00 the SE/4 SE/4, Section 24,LoganTownship.


Nola Dusin, Register of Deeds, spoke with the board regarding her departmental budget for 2013.


Janice Kearn, R.N., County Health Director, questioned the board as to howWashingtonCountywill handle water and lagoon inspection issues.  Amy Bott, Soil Conservation Services, also called the board in regard to the same issue.  The commission stands by the decision that if the State ofKansascut the state funding for the Local Environmental Protection Program that the county cannot afford to pick up the cost.


Orcena Jurey,Clifton, presented an advisory petition signed by 84 county residents asking that the Commission ban future expansion of out of county corporate hog facilities inWashingtonCounty.  Gene Helms shared information that he had received through the Kansas Association of Counties that stated that as long as the swine facility owners can provide information through the office of the Secretary of State that they are a “family” farm the commission cannot deny the permit for a swine or dairy facility.


Gloria Moore, Tourism Director, gave monthly report.  A tour group will be in the county on August 28 while Gloria is attending another meeting.  Lou Kern,CountyClerk, will provide information to the group out ofNebraska. US36 Treasure Hunt is September 14, 15, and 16.  First National Bank Fall Fest is September 15.  August 25 in the Antique Fest in Barnes and August 26 is the Pony Express Festival inHanover.


Duane Bruna, Noxious Weed and Solid Waste Director, updated the board on routine matters.


Debbie Swoboda, Emergency Management Coordinator, asked the board if they wanted to extend the current burn ban for another 7 days.  Roger Otott moved and Gene Helms seconded to extend the burn ban for another 7 days.  Motion carried.  Debbie will meet with the commission next Monday at10:00 discuss flood plain resolutions.


Daniel Kurtz and Doniphan, his guide dog; Neal Kurtz; Letha Nelson and Cassidy, guide dog in training; Breanna Kohlmeyer, and Glenda Keller, KSDS board member, accompanied Marcia Funke, KSDS grant writer who presented a proclamation recognizing International Service Dog Week.  Various aspects of the KSDS program were discussed.  Gene Helms moved and Roger Otott seconded to proclaim the week of August 5 through 11 as International Service Dog Week.


David Willbrant, Public Works Administrator, gave weekly work report.  Vice Chairman Otott signed payroll change notices for Nathan Edgar; Joe Rundle and Mitch Savage due to resignation to return to school effectiveAugust 10, 2012.


The board recessed atnoonfor lunch and reconvened at1:00 P.M.


Sheriff Bill Dickson reported that the jail currently houses 10SedgwickCountyinmates; 2WashingtonCountyinmates and 1MarshallCountyinmate.  OneWashingtonCountyfemale inmate is being housed inMarshallCounty.  Vice Chairman Otott signed payroll change notice for Marcus Daniels as a jailer effectiveJuly 30, 2012.


Gene Helms moved to sign an engagement letter with Nichols & Wolfe as bond counsel and Piper Jaffray as investment bankers.  Roger Otott seconded and motion carried.


The Solid Waste Advisory committee met at1:30 P.M.  Present were the commission, Harry Jones, Jones Trash Service and Washington City Mayor, and Ken Stettnisch, Barnes City Council member, and Duane Bruna, Noxious Weed and Solid Waste Director.  Duane gave each attendee a copy of the draft 5 year solid waste management plan andreported on recycling efforts in the county as well as income received through recycling.  Harry Jones moved to adopt Resolution 06-12 which in turn adopts the 5 year Washington County Solid Waste Management Plan forWashingtonCounty.  Ken Stettnisch seconded and motion carried.


Meeting adjourned at2:15 P.M. 


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