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Nemaha County Commission Minutes




— These minutes are unofficial until approved by the Board of Commissioners at their next meeting.


June 18, 2012 Unofficial


The Board of Nemaha County Commissioners met in regular session on Monday, June 18, 2012 in the Commission Room of the Nemaha County Courthouse. The meeting was called to order by Chairman Mark Wessel leading the flag salute. Present also were Commissioners Gary Scoby and Tim Burdiek, Road and Bridge/Solid Waste Supervisor Dennis Ronnebaum and Office Manager Janet Linden, and County Clerk Mary Kay Schultejans recording the minutes.




Road and Bridge/Solid Waste Report:


Road and Bridge/Solid Waste Supervisor Dennis Ronnebaum advised the board that:

  1. a job application was received in their office last week. Dennis shared the application with Commissioners.
  2. they sealed the Bern-Humboldt Road last week. Dennis also stated that they are working on sealing the two mile stretch on the Fidelity Road this morning and will probably begin on Old Highway 9 later this week.
  3. the televisions and computer monitors that are being dropped off at the Recycling Center will cost the county $10.00 a piece to dispose of.
  4. Travis Haverkamp is planning to start on the Fair Building next Monday.
  5. Office Manager Janet Linden received a right of way easement request from Housely Communications. They would like to run cable in the right of way along Woodlawn Road and Oak Grove Road in section 32 of Rock Creek Township. Mark Wessel approved the right of way easement request for Housely Communications. Gary Scoby seconded the motion. The motion carried with all voting aye. Commissioners signed the request as presented.

The board reviewed the minutes from the June 11, 2012 meeting. Gary Scoby moved to approve the minutes as presented. Tim Burdiek seconded the motion. The motion carried with all voting aye.

Chairman Mark Wessel signed add/abate orders as presented.

The board reviewed vouchers submitted by the different departments that were paid at the middle of June.

Commissioners left the meeting room at 10:00 am to view county roads and to meet with local landowners at Church Road concerning the future maintenance of this road.

Commissioners viewed county roads in the Bern and Sabetha areas on the way to Galen Ackerman’s residence. Leonard Edelman, Wayne Edelman, Jim Menold, Allen Rokey, Faron Strahm, Todd Rokey, Jay Baumgartner, Brian Edelman, Monica Edelman, Neil Hartter, Steven Edelman, Lynn Edelman, Eldon Plattner, Todd Strahm, Stephen Aberle,

Eugene Edelman, Richard Meyer, Gabe Meyer, Taylor Meyer, Chris Menold, Dayton Menold, Terry Menold, Wilfred Strahm, Myreon Menold, Morris Rokey, and Elwin Strahm met Commissioners at Galen Ackerman’s residence to discuss the future of Church Road. The group complained that the road is rough because the top layers of rock are gone and they are driving on the hard base of the road now. The group feels that the only way to keep this from happening to each lift of rock that is put on is to chip and seal this road. Commissioners stated that they are hesitant to commit to chipping and sealing this road because of the cost to do it and the cost to maintain it. The group discussed with Commissioners ways to fund the chip and seal of this road. Ideas discussed included: raising property taxes countywide, the Apostolic Christian Church donating money toward this project, applying special assessments against landowners along the road, and the county obtaining a bond to pay for the project.

Commissioners viewed the KSI Conveyor’s road project on their way back to Seneca. They returned to the meeting room at 1:25 pm.

Jim Runnebaum with SBS Insurance Services came before the board to ask Commissioners questions concerning the county’s insurance renewal proposal.

County Attorney Brad Lippert came before the board. Brad stated that he has not heard anymore yet concerning the lease agreement with the City of Seneca for housing ambulances in the Seneca EMS Building.

Brad stated that he received information from Kurt Detweiler concerning a wind farm in Vermillion County, Illinois. Brad is trying to get a copy of the resolution passed in this county to establish setback requirements for the wind turbines constructed in this county.

Commissioners spoke to Brad about applying a special assessment against landowners along Church Road to help pay to chip and seal this road.

Brad requested to be able to hire Elizabeth Ulmer to fill in for his secretary while she is recovering from back surgery. Commissioners agreed to this request.

Sonny Sagar with Manatron came before the board to speak to Commissioners about replacing the Windows server at the courthouse. Sonny will put together a quote for such server and submit to Commissioners soon.

With no further county business coming before the board, Chairman Mark Wessel adjourned the meeting at 3:30 pm. The next regularly scheduled meeting will be held on Monday, June 25, 2012 at 9:00 am.

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