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Marshall County Election Filings

I, Sonya L. Stohs, Marshall County Clerk/Election Officer, do hereby certify the following list of  
candidates will appear on the August 7, 2012 Primary Election ballot:  
NATIONAL AND STATE OFFICES:   Clear Fork Township Treasurer   Vermillion Township Treasurer  
U.S. House of Representatives, District #1      Republican:      Democrat:  
   Republican:   M. Cathy Zirger, Frankfort   Gerald Gerstner, Frankfort  
Tim Huelskamp, Fowler   Cleveland Township Treasurer   Vermillion Township Trustee  
U.S. House of Representatives, District #2      Democrat:      Republican:  
   Republican:   Toby Broxterman, Vermillion   Richard Hull, Frankfort  
Lynn Jenkins, Topeka   Cleveland Township Trustee   Walnut Township Treasurer  
   Democrat:      Democrat:      Republican:  
Scott Barnhart, Ottawa   William E. Bergmann, Vermillion   Sam Wilson, Waterville  
Robert V. Eye Lawrence   Cottage Hill Township Treasurer   Walnut Township Trustee  
Tobias Schlingensiepen, Topeka      Republican:      Republican:  
State Senator, District #1   Jerry L. Hedke, Waterville   Glen Griffee, Marysville  
   Republican:   Cottage Hill Township Trustee   Waterville Township Treasurer  
Marje A. Cochren, Whiting      Republican:      Republican:  
Dennis D. Pyle, Hiawatha   Randy Jacobson, Waterville   Todd Parker, Waterville  
   Democrat:   Elm Creek Township Treasurer   Waterville Township Trustee  
Steve Lukert, Sabetha      Republican:      Republican:  
State Senator, District #36   Stephen E. Gaydusek, Marysville   Clayton Dick, Waterville  
   Republican:   Elm Creek Township Trustee   Wells Township Treasurer  
Kyle Abbott, Smith Center      Republican:      Republican:  
Elaine S. Bowers, Concordia   Tim Downard, Blue Rapids   Jan M. Stallbaumer, Frankfort  
   Democrat:   Franklin Township Treasurer   Wells Township Trustee  
Marquis Clark, Concordia      Republican:      Republican:  
State Representative, District #106   Paula Brown, Home   Mike L. Bailey, Frankfort  
   Republican:   Franklin Township Trustee   Blue Rapids City Township Precinct Committeewoman
Clay Aurand, Belleville      Democrat:      Democrat:  
Sharon Schwartz, Washington   Richard Weber, Home   Maxine L. Haller, Blue Rapids  
   Democrat:   Guittard Township Treasurer   Blue Rapids City Township Precinct Committeeman  
Nick Levendofsky, Republic      Democrat:      Republican:  
District Judge, District 22, Division 2   Shaun O’Neil, Beattie   Victor Stanley, Blue Rapids  
   Republican:   Guittard Township Trustee      Democrat:  
John Weingart, Hiawatha      Republican:   Jack G. Haller, Blue Rapids  
District Magistrate Judge, Dist. 22, Position 2   Dale Buessing, Beattie   Elm Creek Township Precinct Committeewoman  
   Republican:   Herkimer Township Treasurer      Republican:  
Angela R. Hecke, Marysville      Republican:   Melissa L. Borgerding, Marysville  
State Board of Education, District 6   Phil Friedrichs, Bremen   Elm Creek Township Precinct Committeeman  
   Republican:   Herkimer Township Trustee      Republican:  
Deena L. Horst, Salina      Republican:   James G. Borgerding, Marysville  
   Democrat:   Dan Duever, Marysville   Marysville City Ward 1 Precinct Committeewoman  
Usha Reddi, Manhattan   Lincoln Township Treasurer      Republican:  
Carol Viar, Salina      Republican:   Vickie Phillipi, Marysville  
COUNTY AND TOWNSHIP OFFICES   Loren Kent Stowell, Vermillion   Marysville City Ward 1 Precinct Committeeman  
County Commissioner, District #2   Lincoln Township Trustee      Republican:  
   Republican:      Republican:   Bill Phillipi, Marysville  
Ron Hinkle, Waterville   John Broxterman, Axtell   Marysville City Ward 2 Precinct Committeewoman  
Tom Holle, Bremen   Logan Township Treasurer      Republican:  
   Democrat:      Democrat:   Genie Long, Marysville  
Leon J. Wassenberg, Marysville   Gary Dwerlkotte, Bremen   Marysville City Ward 2 Precinct Committeeman  
County Commissioner, District #3   Logan Township Trustee      Republican:  
   Republican:      Republican:   Donald A. Gier, Marysville  
Charles R. Loiseau, Frankfort   Keith Holle, Marysville   Marysville City Ward 3 Precinct Committeewoman  
   Democrat:   Marysville Township Treasurer      Republican:  
Patrick L. Caffrey, Vermillion      Democrat:   Breta Bloomberg, Marysville  
Robert G. Dallas, Frankfort   Sue Grauer, Marysville   Dolores Krug, Marysville  
County Clerk   Marysville Township Trustee   Marysville City Ward 4 Precinct Committeewoman  
   Democrat:      Republican:      Republican:  
Sonya L. Stohs, Marysville   John W. Howard, Marysville   Cheryl Stohs, Marysville  
County Treasurer   Dean G. Thomas, Marysville   Marysville City Ward 4 Precinct Committeeman  
   Republican:   Murray Township Treasurer      Republican:  
Jenny Mathewson, Axtell      Democrat:   Lynn Stohs, Marysville  
   Democrat:   Frank J. Kohake, Axtell      Democrat:  
Jami Ellenbecker, Marysville   Murray Township Trustee   Michael J. Keating, Marysville  
Carol M. O’Neal, Marysville      Democrat:   Oketo Township Precinct Committeewoman  
Register of Deeds   Terry Rottinghaus, Axtell      Republican:  
   Democrat:   Noble Township Treasurer   Julie A. Lienemann, Marysville  
Martha Roesch, Beattie      Democrat:   Vermillion-East Township Precinct Committeeman  
County Attorney   Bill Broxterman, Vermillion      Democrat:  
   Republican:   Oketo Township Treasurer   Kenneth T. Hiltgen, Frankfort  
Laura Johnson-McNish, Marysville      Republican:   Vermillion-West Township Precinct Committeewoman
Sheriff   Ted Nemec, Marysville      Republican:  
   Republican:   Oketo Township Trustee   Linda Gregory, Frankfort  
Daniel A. Hargrave, Waterville      Republican:   Vermillion-West Township Precinct Committeeman  
Bigelow Township Treasurer   Kenny Lee, Marysville      Republican:  
   Republican:   Richland Township Treasurer   Darrell Gregory, Frankfort  
Patti Hale, Frankfort      Republican:      
Bigelow Township Trustee   Gary Bergmann, Beattie      
   Republican:      Democrat:      
Terry L. Hale, Frankfort   Bruce Heiman, Summerfield      
Blue Rapids Township Treasurer   Richland Township Trustee      
   Republican:      Republican:      
John E. Nordquist, Blue Rapids   Ron Schneider, Beattie      
Blue Rapids City Township Treasurer   Rock Township Treasurer      
   Republican:      Republican:      
Rhonda L. Wassenberg, Blue Rapids   Steve Rombeck, Beattie   In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto   
Blue Rapids City Township Trustee   Rock Township Trustee   set my hand and official seal this 15th day of June, 2012.
   Republican:      Republican:      
Harry Steinfort, Blue Rapids   Tim Wanklyn, Frankfort      
Center Township Treasurer   St. Bridget Township Treasurer      
   Republican:      Democrat:   Sonya L. Stohs  
Matthew Bergmann, Home   Don Mathewson, Summerfield   Marshall County Clerk and Election Officer  
Center Township Trustee   St. Bridget Township Trustee      
   Republican:      Democrat:      
Greg Strunk, Home   Jim Helmerichs, Summerfield      

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