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One Confirmed Case of Lyme Disease

A confirmed report of Lyme disease has been reported in the listening area.  Lyme disease is a deer tick borne disease.  The bite of a deer tick can transmit the disease into the body.  According to the National Center for Disease Control the initial indicator of the disease is a large bruise in the area of the bite.  This is often followed by symptoms including fever, aches, pains, irritation in the bite area and sore throat. If treated quickly symptoms can disappear within a week.  If left untreated Lyme disease can cause permanent health issues and even death.


It is important for anyone spending time outdoors to check their body for ticks and remove them immediately when found.  According to the Center for Disease Control using an insect repellent that contains 20 percent Deet is encouraged.  They also suggest wearing long sleeves and a hat.  In addition wearing light colored clothing makes it easier to see the ticks.  Ticks are most often found in hair, under arms, behind knees, and around ears.


For more information you can contact your local health department or visit the Center for Disease Control on the web.

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