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MARYSVILLE USD #364 Regular Board Meeting Highlights


                                                                                                                   May 9, 2012


  • Presentation – Kim Houtz gave a presentation on the Grosvenor Teacher Fellowship Award she received. The fellowship is named after former National Geographic Society chairman Gilbert Grosvenor, a firm believer in geographic education. Linblad Expeditions, Oracle and Google are also providing support for the program.  In June she will head for Svalbard, an island 350 miles north of Norway. She’ll be on the ship National Geographic Explorer and will interact with naturalists at work. 
  • Mrs. Houtz’s Biology class will attend the tree planting ceremony on May 15th at 7th and Walnut. 
  • School Resource Officer David Ohlde talked to the board about his concern regarding bullying.  Surveys filled out showed 38% of Junior High students said they have been bullied.  An open discussion was held on May 9th with Junior High students.
  • Accepted the following donations:
    • Crome Lumber is donating materials for the Art Show & Commencement. 
    • Received $250.00 from Blue Valley Tele-Communications, Inc. for Camp Invention.
    • Received $100.00 from Bolton & McNish, LLC for Camp Invention.
    • Received $500.00 from the R.L. or Elsa Helvering Trust for Camp Invention.
    • Received $100.00 from Citizens State Bank for Camp Invention.
    • Received $150.00 donation from Blue Valley Tele-Communications for the Senior Class.
    • Received $70.00 from Mary Schilling for Camp Invention.
    • Received $637.00 from Marysville Rotary Club to be used toward Amy Hoover’s purchase of Fish curriculum.
    • Received $100.00 donation from Mike & Nancy Padgett to the softball team.
    • Received $100.00 donation from Pat & Kelly Schotte to the FFA.
    • Received $80.00 in cash donations for Popular Music Lab from Music in the Park.
  • Reviewed a budget report showing the current budget spent compared to budget spent for the last two years.
  • Director of Technology Brad Dressman presented a proposal from Blue Valley tele-communications for Fiber Optic Network.  Board consensus was for Mr. Dressman to move forward to get the needs of the district and costs.  The district is under contract with AT&T until 2013.
  • Mrs. Harmer asked the board to consider approving 1 day per month early release days for the Junior/Senior High September through March.  A revised calendar will be presented at the June meeting.
  • Approved a motion not to offer driver’s education this summer due to lack of a licensed instructor.
  • Approved the 3 year Technology Plan for 7/1/2012 to 6/30/2015.
  • Approved the SRO (School Resource Officer) renewal contract for 2012-13.
  • Approved a motion to continue to offer voluntary student accident insurance through Student Assurance Services.
  • Entered into a one-year cooperative agreement between Good Shepherd Lutheran School and USD #364 to participate in inter-scholastic activities and athletics for the 2012-13 school year. 
  • Accepted the recommendation of the Oehm Scholarship Committee to award the $250 scholarship.  The recipient will be announced at the Senior Scholastic Award Night on May 17th.
  • Authorized republishing Code 51-KPERS fund for 2011-12.
  • Accepted the following resignations:
    • Lowine Rengstorf (Retirement) – Food Service
    • Janelle Noel – 1st grade teacher and high school volleyball coach
    • Tiffany Jueneman – Elementary Physical Education teacher
  • Accepted the retirement with Kpers for Bert Lord effective May 31st.
  • Appointed Bert Lord as Athletic/Activities Director and Associate Principal at Marysville Junior/Senior High effective August 1st.
  • Approved a motion to hire an additional 1st grade teacher at Marysville Elementary for the 2012-13 school year.
  • Approved the following extended contract days:
    • Brian Cook (2 days) Common Core Standards
    • Mickie Crowther (2 days) Training on Restorative Practices for Tier 2 and Tier 3 students.
    • Mickie Crowther (3 days) Common Core Standards.
    • K’Lynne Degenhardt (10 days) Scheduling
    • Lona Dittmar (2 days) Common Core Standards
    • Lori Douglas (3 days) Core Curriculum
    • Susan Friedrichs (3 days) Core Curriculum
    • Gail Gilkerson (6 days) Health records and MES enrollment.
    • Amy Hoover (6 days) Counselor
    • Amy Hoover (1 day) Train teachers in FISH Curriculum
    • Lynn Kracht (10 days) Librarian
    • Jackie LaRue (10 days) Vocational Education Supervision and Leadership 
    • Craig Lister (30 days) Vocation Education Supervision and Leadership
    • Cindy Mattingly (10 days) Secondary Library Aide
    • Debra Miller (3 days) Core Curriculum
    • Debra Miller (1 day) Prepare academic and behavior interventions
    • Deb Nelsen (10 days) Elementary Library Aide
    • Shawnae’ Rempe (3 days) Common Core Standards
    • Cindy Ring (2 days) Common Core Standards
    • Jamie Slupianek (3 days) Core Curriculum
    • Debra Stohs (3 days) Core Curriculum
    • Roxanne Tilley (4 days) At Risk state report and VPL training
    • Kathy Totten (3 days) Core Curriculum
    • Sharon Vogelsberg (10 days) Librarian
    • Carla Wolfe (2 days) Common Core Standards
  • Approved the following 2012-13 extra duty assignments:


  Assignment Name


  Assistant Tom Knott
  Assistant Trent Giffin
  Assistant Ryan Friedrichs
  Assistant Ross Wright
  Assistant Rob Peschel
  JH Assistant J.I. Hornung
  JH Assistant Mike Melcher
  Assistant David Heyd
  Assistant J. I. Hornung
  9th Head David Heyd
  Assistant Tom Knott
  Assistant Rick Creek
  JH Assistant Jesse Edwards
  Assistant Eddie Minor


  ART CLUB April Spicer
  DRAMA Carla Wolfe
  KAYS Julie Meinhardt
    Linda Duever
  MATMAIDS Angie Fredrickson
  M-CLUB Mary Kessinger-Wassom
    Eddie Minor
  High School Kim Houtz
  Junior High Jenny Thayer-Wood
  YOGOWYPI Mickie Crowther
    Mickie Crowther


  ART SHOW April Spicer
  Sponsor Alyssa Kracht
  Football Sponsor Alyssa Kracht
  Basketball Sponsor Alyssa Kracht
  Wrestling Sponsor Alyssa Kracht
  Senior K’Lynne Degenhardt
  Junior Carla Wolfe
    Crystal Miller
  Sophomore Lynn Kracht
    Kim Houtz
  Freshman Jenny Thayer-Wood
  High School Webmater Lynn Kracht
  Elementary Webmaster Jamie Slupianek
  FFA ADVISOR Craig Lister
    Jacque LaRue
  FBLA ADVISOR Lynn Kracht
  Head Toby Wood
  Head Valerie Oltman
  Elementary Veronica Olmsted
  Chairperson Sharon Vogelsberg
  Data Coordinator Lynn Kracht
  Members Millie Laughlin
    Lynn Kracht
    Tacy Russell
    Mickie Crowther
    Kathy Totten
    Sharon Vogelsberg
  Spring Carla Wolfe
  Fall Carla Wolfe
  Senior High Millie Laughlin (1/2)
    Linda Duever (1/2)
  Junior High Julie Meinhardt


  Senior High  
  Data Coordinator Mickie Crowther
  Members Lona Dittmar
    Kim Houtz
    Mickie Crowther
    Mike Melcher
    Roxanne Tilley
  Junior High  
  Data Coordinator Julie Meinhardt
  Members Joel Naaf
    Cindy Ring
    Julie Meinhardt
    Jenny Thayer-Wood
    Angie Johnson
    Toby Wood
  Chairperson Amy Hoover
  Chairperson Deb Stohs
  Chairperson Sharon Vogelsberg



Amy Ackerman

    Lori Douglas
    Brenda Edwards
    Diana Habig
    Carol Huntsman
    Deb Miller
    Jamie Slupianek
  Senior High Brian Cook
  Junior High Julie Meinhardt
    Jenny Thayer-Wood
  Senior High Carla Wolfe
  Junior High Gina Bartels


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