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Walmart Text Scam Reported

The Better Business Bureau issued a news release Wednesday to draw attention to a a new type of texting scam called “smishing,” which includes a Walmart gift card scam in Kansas.

The bureau said consumers throughout the state have been receiving cell phone text messages claiming they won a free Walmart gift card. The texts instruct you to click on a link and enter some information.

“Unfortunately, there is no gift card,” said Roberta Namee, operations manager for the BBB. “It’s a scam to steal your credit card number and other personal info, which will expose you to possible identity theft.”

Walmart released a statement saying the text messages and the sites aren’t from Walmart, nor is the store chain associated with parties promoting the activity.

“Walmart will never initiate a text message where we ask for sensitive personal data like credit card information or social security numbers,” the statement read.

BBB said the scam has several versions. One such message reads, “Walmart $1000 gift card for the first 1000 users to go to LINK and enter code 2938.”

The texts use different URLs, including:

■ gift



The text message is a twist on the classic email phishing scam in which scammers pose as a legitimate organization and send out emails containing links to scam sites.

The type of scam detailed above is called “smishing,” the bureau said, because it uses SMS technology to “phish” for consumers’ private information.

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