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4-H Club Day Results for Washington County 4-Hers



2012 4-H District Club Day Results for Washington County 4-Her

Members from the River Valley Extension District 4-H Clubs attended District

4-H Club Day held Saturday, March 3, 2012 at Republic County Middle School, Belleville.  The following results are for Washington County 4-H Clubs (Busy Bees –BB; Farmington – F; Hanover – H; Happy Spirit – HS; Happy Workers – HW; Linn Livewires – LLW; Lucky Four – L4; Mahaska Merrymakers – MMM; Stick-To-It – STI;)


Model Meetings:  Top Blue:Farmington 4-H Club, Lucky Four 4-H Club,

RED: Linn Livewires 4-H Club

Talent – Skits/Plays: 2nd Alt. Top Blue:  Happy Workers 4-H Club  Blue: Stick To It 4-H Club

Jr. Other Talent: 1st Alt. Top Blue: Carter Bruna-H, Blue: Mandy Simmons-HS

Sr. Readings/Poetry & Prose: Top Blue: Erin Holtmeier-BB, 1st. Alt. Top Blue: Ashley Peterson-L4,

2nd Alt. Top Blue: Natosha Lehman-STI, Blue: Daria Heuer-HW, Elizabeth Jacques-MMM, Red: Brooke Tuma-STI, Paul Kruse-HW, Blade Winter-L4, Jackie Zenger-STI,

Jr. Readings/Poetry & Prose: Top Blue: Jacob Klipp-HW, Lauren Simmons-HS, Mandy Simmons-HS,

Tyler Simmons-HS,  2nd Alt. Top Blue: Aundrea Bruna-HS,  Blue: Sean Bruna-HS, Jalee Wohler-LLW,

Red: Carter Bruna-H, Luke Gauby-BB, Ashley Hynek-H, Zachary Meyer-HW, Claire Ohlde-LLW,  Grace Otott-BB, Janae Romeiser-LLW, Lindsey Sawin-BB, Aliyah Sinn-H, Elise Uffman-LLW,

Tray Zabokrtsky-STI, White: Courtney Graff-H, Tregan Graff-H,  Trevor Graff-H

Sr. Readings Solo Acting: Top Blue: Will Bruna-H

Jr. Readings Solo Acting:  Top Blue: Lauren Simmons-HS, Mandy Simmons-HS, Tyler Simmons-HS, Riley VanHorn-HS

Spontaneous Speaking: Blue: Caitlin Duey-STI

Public Speaking: Top Blue:  Jennifer Kruse-HW, 4th Alt. Top Blue:  Ryan Meyer-HW, Red: Dennis Kruse-HW, Jordan Ohlde-LLW

Show & Share (Participation Ribbons only):  Crystal Crocker-STI, Cole Meyer-HW,

   Ryan Stuenkel-LLW,

Sr. Demonstrations/Illustrated Talks: Top Blue: Levi Gauby-BB, Dacey Hagedorn& Blake Hynek-H, Rebecca Zach-STI

Jr. Demonstrations/Illustrated Talks:  Top Blue: Taylor Bruna-HS, 1st Alt. Top Blue: Claire Ohlde-LLW, Blue: Aundrea Bruna, HS,  Sean Bruna-HS, Red: Brody Stamm-F, Shai Zenger-STI,

Project Talks:  Top Blue:  Kevin Diederich-HS, Claire Ohlde-LLW, Eric Peterson-L4,  2nd Alt.Top Blue: Coy Stamm-F, Blue: Haven Johnson-BB, Cloe Sinn-H, Aaron Stuenkel-LLW, Nathaniel Tice-STI, Eli Thalmann-LLW, Trent Tuma-STI, Haley Uffman-LLW

Chorus: 1st Alt.Top Blue: Happy Spirit 4-H Club, Red: Busy Bee 4-H Club

Sr. Vocal Solos:  Top Blue: Will Bruna-H, Shelby Gallion-MMM, 1st Alt. Top Blue: Nick L’Ecuyer-STI, Blue: Lauren Holtmeier-BB, Red: Nicole Diederich-HS

Jr. Vocal Solos: Blue: Nathaniel Tice-STI,  Red: Sean Bruna-HS

Sr. Instrumental Ensembles: Red: Samantha & Christopher Wright-STI

Sr. Instrumental Solos: Top Blue: Scott Romeiser-STI, Ashley Stewart-F, Blue: Annie Otott-BB,

Red: Trevor Klipp-HW,

Jr. Instrumental Solos: Top Blue:  , Scuyler Zenger-STI,  1st Alt. Top Blue: Wyatt Bentz-F, Blue: Carly Crome-BB, Taylor Klipp-HW, Janae Romeiser-STI, Bryant Sawin-BB, Tori Zabokrtsky-STI, Red: William Peters-BB 

Sr. Piano Solos:  1st Alt. Top Blue:  Will Bruna-H

Jr. Piano Solos: 1st Alt Top Blue:  Aundrea Bruna-HS     Blue: Carter Bruna-H, Sean Bruna-HS, Kylie Cordry-STI,  Holly Delay-STI, Taylor Klipp-HW , Riley VanHorn-HS  Red: Courtney Graff-H

Sr. Country Dance: Top Blue: Courtney Moore & Chance Duey-STI

Jr. Country Dance: Top Blue: Riley Moore/Holly Delay-STI

Sr. Other Dance:  Top Blue:  Paige & Riley Doebele-H, Morganne & Teaghan Zabokrtsky-HS,

Jr. Other Dance:  Top Blue:  Lauren Bruna & Macy Doebele-H

Sr. Choreographed Dance: 1st Alt Top Blue: Morganne Zabokrtsky-HS

Jr. Choreographed Dance:  Top Blue: Kylie Cordry-STI


Eligible Top Blue placings may participate in the Regional 4-H Club Day to be held March 24, 2012 at the Clay Center Community High School, 1630 9th St, Clay Center.



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