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4-H Club Day Results

The Marshall County 4-H Club Day was held on Saturday, February 11, 2012 at the Marysville Junior-Senior High School.  About 175 4-H’ers participated in the 2012 Marshall County 4-H Club Day.

During Marshall County 4-H Club Day, 4-H’ers make public presentations to share things they’ve learned in 4-H.  Presentations include speaking project talks, public speaking, demonstrations and illustrated talks, talent and musical numbers (solo and group), and model meetings.  The presentations are evaluated and awarded top blue,(qualify for Regional Club Day) alternate top blue, blue, red, or white ribbons.  4-H’ers are divided into junior (7-12 years old) and senior (13-19 years old) age divisions for competition.

Top entries in each division are eligible to compete at Regional 4-H Club Day in Clay Center on Saturday, March 24, 2012.

Results are attached.

Contact the Marshall County Extension Office at (785) 562-3531 or E-mail at [email protected] to learn more about Marshall County 4-H Club Day Results or about 4-H in general.

Bremen Hustlers – TB
4-H Clubs
ABB-Axtell Busy Bees
BB-Balderson Boosters
BH Bremen Hustlers
HH’s-Happy Harvesters
HGL-Happy Go Lucky
HCH-Home City Hustlers
WA-Wide Awak
WTW-Work To Win
Ribbon Placings
TB-Top Blue-Goes to Regional Club Day
st nd
Alt B-Goes to Regional Club Day if Top Blue can’t go. Sometime designated as 1 Alt. B or 2 Alt. B
SF-State Fair-Some demonstrations were selected to conduct their demonstrations during the 2012 Kansas State
Name Club Rating 
Damian Gordon BB R!
Kayenta Fry – Jr SF B
Allison Manley – Sr SF B
Morgan Burnley – Jr SF R
Emily Meinhardt – Sr SF B
Alex White, SF R
Grant Fincham – Jr HCH B
Allison Fincham – Jr HCH B
Dereck Rhodes – Jr HCH TB
Brad Rhodes – Jr HCH B
Skylar Rhodes – Jr HCH R
Anna Cohorst – Jr HCH, B – 2nd Alt
Thomas Glore – Jr SF R
Gus Howard – Jr BH R
Jacob Harries – Jr BH R
Grace Holle – Jr BH R
Grant Holle – Jr BH B
Angela Prebyl – Jr BB B – Alt
Chloe Voet – Jr – Solo BB B – Alt
Madison Voet – Jr – Solo BB TB
Jerrod Prebyl – Sr BB B – 2nd Alt
Winsten Mathewson – Sr ABB B
Victoria Koch – Sr HCH TB
Libbie Vogelsberg – Sr HCH B – Alt
Kaylie Jenkins – Sr BH B
Cade Cohorst – Jr. SF R
Name Club Rating
Addie Wassenberg WA B – 1st Alt
Caleb Obermeyer BB R
Jerrod Prebyl BB R
Allie Koch HCH R
Martin Howard BH B
Coleman Forst BH TB
David Luebcke BH TB
Chris Bargmann BH B – 2nd Alt
Shelby Bargmann BH B
Name Club Rating
Grant & Allison Fincham HCH B
Simon Schmitz ABB B – 2nd Alt
Damian Gordon BB R
Raudy Latta SF TB
Makenzie Joseph SF B – 1 Altst
Wes Denton WA TB
Jennifer Vogt BH B – SF
Addie Wassenberg WA TB – SF
Caleb Pinnick WA R
Megan Sibley WA R
Elaini Pinnick WA B – Alt – SF
Jessica Koch HCH R
Victoria Koch HCH R
Skylar Rhodes HCH R
Libbie Vogelsberg HCH R
Lauren White SF R
Oliver Schmitz ABB TB – SF
Name Club Rating
Bryson Meinhardt SF R
Aleah Staggenborg HH’s B
Trent Staggenborg HH’s B
Trisha Mathetwson ABB B – SF
Trina deKoning ABB B
Emma deKoning ABB B
JP Gordon BB R
Jarrett Gros HGL TB – SF
Samuel Gros HGL B
Hattie Gros HGL B
Aaron Koch HCH R
Dalton Joseph SF B – SF
Ross Latta SF B
Angela Prebyl BB TB – SF
Alex Matson HGL B -SF
Cole Matson HGL B
Donovan Blagg HGL B – SF
Nick Blagg HGL B – Alt
Name Club Instrument Rating
Oliver Schmitz ABB Piano R
Oliver Schmitz ABB Violin TB
Josh Cohorst HCH Piano R
Libbie Vogelsberg HCH Piano R
Grace Luebcke BH Clarinet R
Jenna Staggenborg HH’s Piano R
Annalise Dwerlkotte HH’s Piano B – Alt
Jenna Staggenborg HH’s Violin R
Elaini Pinnick WA Violin R
Jillian Borgerding, Jodee Borgerding, Brandee Rhodes, Anna Cohorst, TB
Shaleena Cook B – Alt
Kayenta Frye, SF – Other Talent – Cheer TB
Balderson Boosters B – Alt
Wide Awake – Walkin DaPlank TB
Name Club Instrument Rating
Levi Nordhus SF Piano B
Eli Campbell HCH Guitar B
Isaac Campbell HCH Piano B
Jodee Borgerding HCH Piano R
Anna Cohorst HCH Piano B
Robbie Stryker WA Piano B
Trisha Mathewson – Jr Vocal ABB R
Simon Schmitz ABB Piano B
Jennifer Vogt – Sr Vocal BH TB
Allie, Amanda, Jessica, Victoria Koch – Vocal Ensemble HCH R
Allison Fincham HCH Violin R
Grant Fincham HCH Violin B
WA Ensemble WA TB
Jenna, Trent, Aleah Staggenborg – Inst. Ensemble HH’s R
Trent Staggenborg HH’s Cello B
Aleah Staggenborg HH’s Violin R
Trent Staggenborg HH’s Piano B
Aleah Staggenborg HH’s Piano B
Michaela Forst BH Piano B – Alt
Madison Voet BB Guitar TB
Chloe Voet BB Piano B
Madison Voet BB Trumpet B
Katherine Toerber WA Violin R
Emma Toerber WA Piano B
Kobe & Jade Rumbo – Inst Ensemble HGL TB
Jade Rumbo HGL Sax B
Kayla Glore SF Piano B
Abby McNary WA Piano R
Isaac Perry WA Violin B

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