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Nemaha County Board Minutes

— These minutes are unofficial until approved by the Board of Commissioners at their next meeting.

October 3, 2011 Unofficial

The Board of Nemaha County Commissioners met in regular session on Monday, October 3, 2011 in the Commission Room of the Nemaha County Courthouse. The meeting was called to order by Chairman Tim Burdiek leading the flag salute. Present also were Commissioners Mark Wessel and Gary Scoby, and County Clerk Mary Kay Schultejans recording the minutes.

Solid Waste Report:

Solid Waste Director Doug Jeanneret advised the board that:

•he and Diane would like to attend the Solid Waste Management Conference in Wichita in November. Commissioners stated that they are not sure yet if they will attend the conference or not.

•things are going well in his department. He updated Commissioners on several issues concerning recycling and the C&D Landfill.

Gary Scoby moved to adopt Resolution 2011-10 for the KSi Conveyors, Inc. economic development grant. Mark Wessel seconded the motion. The motion carried with all voting aye. Commissioners signed the resolution as presented.

Chairman Tim Burdiek signed Grant Agreement No. 11-IN-R03 as presented. This agreement is between Nemaha County and the Kansas Department of Commerce in connection with the economic development grant for KSi Conveyors, Inc.

Sarah Haverkamp, Quinn Deters, Jessica Hermesch, and Blake Henry came before the board on behalf of the Nemaha County 4-H Ambassadors. Ross Mosteller, Deb Henry, and Jennifer Hermesch with the Nemaha County 4-H organization were also present during this meeting. The group advised Commissioners that this week is National 4-H Week, and they also advised Commissioners of the activities that will be going on this week to raise awareness of the 4-H organization within Nemaha County. Chairman Tim Burdiek proclaimed the week of October 2nd – October 8th as National 4-H Week in Nemaha County. Commissioners signed the proclamation as presented.

Sheriff’s Report:

Sheriff Rich Vernon advised the board that:

•he recently hired Elizabeth Ulmer as relief dispatcher in his department. Rich stated that she is working out very well so far. Elizabeth’s first day was September 27th and she is starting at a pay rate of $12.00 per hour.

•a transport company delivered the inmate being held in Iowa to the jail last night. Rich stated they are now currently holding twelve inmates in house at the jail.

County Attorney Brad Lippert came before the board. The board spoke to Brad about the fence view they will be doing later this morning on property owned by Don Schurman and Doug Metzger. Brad reviewed with Commissioners their duties in a fence view.

Brad let Commissioners know that he is not sure when Assistant County Attorney Hillary Boye will return to work following the recent surgery she has undergone.

Brad updated the board concerning the issue of the county leasing the ambulance barn from the City of Seneca.

The board left the meeting room at 10:45 am to travel to section 8 of Gilman Township for a fence view involving property owners Don Schurman and Doug Metzger. Present at the fence view was the Board of Commissioners, Shanon Schurman, Doug Schmelze, Doug Metzger, and Mr. Metzger’s attorney Jason Brinegar. The group walked the fence line looking at the fence in question. The property owners want Commissioners to decide which half of the fence each party is responsible for maintaining. The board returned to the meeting room at approximately 12:30 pm.

The board reviewed vouchers submitted by the different departments that were paid at the end of September. Mark Wessel moved to approve the September 2011 warrants and pay vouchers as presented. Gary Scoby seconded the motion. The motion carried with all voting aye.

The board reviewed the minutes from the September 26, 2011 meeting. Gary Scoby moved to approve the minutes as presented. Mark Wessel seconded the motion. The motion carried with all voting aye.

Nemaha County checks #083999 – #084007 were voided due to a malfunction with the printer.

Mark Wessel moved to purchase diagnostic software for the Road and Bridge Department totaling $5,714.00. Gary Scoby seconded the motion. The motion carried with all voting aye. This price includes software for Mack equipment at a cost of $1,980.00, for Cummins equipment at a cost of $1,757.00, and for Caterpillar equipment at a cost of $1,977.00.

With no further county business coming before the board, Chairman Tim Burdiek adjourned the meeting at 1:20 pm. The next regularly scheduled meeting will be held on Monday, October 10, 2011 at 9:00 am.

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