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Vermillion Post Office is Closed

Residents were informed by a letter this summer that the Vermillion Post Office would be closing.  No public hearing or meeting was held.  Former Vermillion Post Office customers must now travel to other Post Offices in the area for retail services.  Residents were informed that Stamps by Mail envelopes are available at the lobby of any Post Office or from rural carriers.  Stamps by phone are also available by calling 1-800-782-6724.  Vermillion residents must now have a rural mailbox or rent a post office box at the Frankfort Post Office.

Other Post Offices identified by the Postal Service for possible closure include:  Barnes, Bremen, Green, Haddam, Hollenberg, Home, Oketo, Palmer and Summerfield.  Residents of those areas continue to wait for the Postal Service to announce thier decision.  Home and Summerfield have held meetings with Postal Service representatives.

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