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Nemaha County Commissioners’ Meeting Minutes


— These minutes are unofficial until approved by the Board of Commissioners at their next meeting.

August 1, 2011 Unofficial

The Board of Nemaha County Commissioners met in regular session on Monday, August 1, 2011 in the Commission Room of the Nemaha County Courthouse. The meeting was called to order by Chairman Tim Burdiek leading the flag salute. Present also were Commissioners Mark Wessel and Gary Scoby, Road and Bridge Supervisor Dennis Ronnebaum and Office Manager Janet Linden, and County Clerk Mary Kay Schultejans recording the minutes.

Road and Bridge Report:

Road and Bridge Supervisor Dennis Ronnebaum advised the board that:

he sent road patrols out today.

they will be blade patching on the Bern-Sabetha Road this week.

he does not plan to try to seal any roads this week.

JR Crow has some used bridge beams for sale again at this time. Dennis will take a look at what he has and let Commissioners know if he is interested in anything at this time.

Solid Waste Report:

Solid Waste Director Doug Jeanneret advised the board that:

he wanted some direction from Commissioners concerning dozers for his department. Discussion was held concerning repairing the two dozers the county currently owns; trading in these dozers on the purchase of a newer, heavier model; and if a different dozer is purchased, what model would be most beneficial to both the Solid Waste Department and the Road and Bridge Department. Road and Bridge Supervisor Dennis Ronnebaum was also present during this discussion. Commissioner Burdiek suggested renting a dozer with an option to buy in order to find out if a certain model is what is needed for the county. The board advised Doug to get three or four competitive bids for a different dozer and that they would go from there.

he was still interested in the Mack truck that he discussed with Commissioners at last week’s meeting. Commissioners stated that they had not yet given this purchase further consideration. At this time, they would like to deal with the more pressing issue of the purchase of a different dozer.

Noxious Weed/Emergency Preparedness Report:

Noxious Weed/Emergency Preparedness Director Todd Swart advised the board that:

his budget requests for 2012 for both the Noxious Weed Department and the Emergency Management Department include no changes from amounts funded in 2011.

he received three applications for the Noxious Weed Assistant position. Following review of the applications and on Todd’s recommendation, Mark Wessel moved to hire Justin Kramer to the position of Weed Department Assistant at a starting wage of $11.75 per hour. Gary Scoby seconded the motion. The motion carried with all voting aye. Todd stated that Justin would be available by the middle of August.

Doug Jeanneret, Diane Sowers, and Joe Wells in the Solid Waste Department will be attending recertification this week in Household Hazardous Waste.

Senior Services Director Fern Odum came before the board to speak to Commissioners about her 2012 budgets. She let Commissioners know that she needs to figure in a new bus for the Seneca area and is still planning on budgeting for a new employee for 2012 as well.

Sheriff’s Report:

Sheriff Rich Vernon advised the board that:

his department had a very active week and weekend. He stated that they are currently holding eight inmates in house and three out of house.

the burglary case he mentioned at last week’s meeting has been solved. Rich estimated that 85-90% of the items taken have been recovered and returned. Rich thanked the media for their help with this case.

the fair weekend went well, but they did have to deal with some alcohol related issues in the county over the weekend.

he would like an executive session with Commissioners. Gary Scoby moved to hold a twenty minute executive session until 10:25 am to discuss non-elected personnel. Mark Wessel seconded the motion. The motion carried with all voting aye. Present for the executive session was the Board of Commissioners and Sheriff Rich Vernon. At 10:25 am, Chairman Tim Burdiek requested an additional ten minutes in executive session. The meeting returned to open session at 10:35 am with Sheriff Vernon announcing that Steve Linden will be semi retiring. He will be going from full time employment with the Sheriff’s Department to part time employment. Rich also stated that he will be replacing Steve with a full time employee to be named at a later time.

Con Olson, Brent Teter, Ed Steinlage, Jenny Blevins, and Jay Watkins with EMS Services and Doug Allen and Pam Jackman with the City of Sabetha came before the board to again discuss ambulance service in Nemaha County after the first of the year. Commissioners proposed providing $5,000 a month subsidy to Techs, Inc. to provide ambulance service in the Seneca and Centralia area along with $100.00 per run and a reimbursement of $1.00 per hour for on call pay for employees. Mr. Teter stated that under this proposal, they would not be able to offer delineated pay to their employees. He asked Commissioners to reconsider the on call pay scale in this proposal. He would like Commissioners to consider reimbursing EMS $1.25 per hour for on call pay for weekdays and $1.88 per hour for on call pay for weekends and holidays. Mr. Teter stated that this would allow Techs, Inc. to offer delineated pay to their employees and to

provide employees with an incentive to take the courses required to become an advanced EMT versus a basic EMT. Mr. Teter stated that he will amend the contract presented earlier to Commissioners to reflect the changes discussed at today’s meeting and will meet with the board again on August 15th at 11:00 am to hopefully finalize and sign the contract.

Nancy Gafford with Rural Development Association came before the board to update Commissioners on the CDBG grant project being pursued on behalf of KSI Conveyors, Inc. Ms. Gafford stated that they no longer have a certified administrator on staff since the retirement of Virginia Dienstbier, and that the State will not let them subcontract with someone to fulfill their contract with Nemaha County for this project. Ms. Gafford let Commissioners know that new RFP’s have been sent out for a CDBG grant project administrator with the deadline to apply being Friday, August 5th at 4:00 pm. After the deadline has passed, Commissioners will choose a new administrator for the project. Chairman Tim Burdiek informed Ms. Gafford that they recently received an award letter from Kansas Governor Sam Brownback notifying the county that they had been approved for the CDBG grant applied for on behalf of KSI Conveyors, Inc.

The board reviewed the minutes from the July 25, 2011 meeting. Mark Wessel moved to approve the minutes with the corrections noted. Tim Burdiek seconded the motion. The motion carried with Commissioners Wessel and Burdiek voting aye. Commissioner Scoby abstained from the vote due to his absence at last week’s meeting.

Mark Wessel moved to approve Tim Burdiek as the voting delegate for the upcoming KAC Conference. Gary Scoby seconded the motion. The motion carried with all voting aye. Tim Burdiek moved to approve Mark Wessel as the first alternate and Gary Scoby as the second alternate for the conference. Gary Scoby seconded the motion. The motion carried with all voting aye.

County Attorney Brad Lippert came before the board. Commissioners had no items to discuss with Brad at this time.

Following discussion with County Clerk Mary Kay Schultejans, Mark Wessel moved to approve moving maintenance employee Troy Melvin on the pay scale from $14.07 per hour to $14.41 per hour effective July 21, 2011. Gary Scoby seconded the motion. The motion carried with all voting aye.

Commissioners spoke to auditors Dee Howell and Mike Peroo with MDP by phone. Ms. Howell and Mr. Peroo will be here on Wednesday, August 3rd to meet with department heads concerning their 2012 budgets. They will also meet with Commissioners at 3:00 pm on Wednesday, August 3rd to work on preparation of the 2012 budget for Nemaha County.

Chairman Tim Burdiek signed add/abate orders as presented.

The board reviewed vouchers submitted by the different departments that were paid at the end of the month. Mark Wessel moved to approve the pay vouchers and warrants for July 2011. Gary Scoby seconded the motion. The motion carried with all voting aye.

With no further county business coming before the board, Chairman Tim Burdiek adjourned the meeting at 2:10 pm. Commissioners will meet in special session on Wednesday, August 3rd at 3:00 pm to hold a work session concerning the county’s 2012 budget. Commissioners will not meet for their regular meeting on Monday, August 8th. The next regularly scheduled meeting will be held on Monday, August 15, 2011 at 9:00 am.

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