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Phone Scam Uses “Living Well” to Steal Your Money

We have been informed by AoA that a phone scam is taking place under the name “Living Well Grant Funds.” One report of this scam was received by Kansas SMP yesterday. Targeted persons receive a phone call asking them to complete a grant application, provide their cell phone number, and then wire money through Western Union. They are told they will receive a call on their cell phone, notifying them when it is time to pick up their “grant” funds at Western Union. In the example we were told about, the targeted persons were told to wire $149 up front so they could later receive $6,520.

This is certainly a scam, which has co-opted the name of a legitimate grant that AoA is administering, sometimes referred to as “Living Well.”

If you receive reports that this scam is occurring in your area, it should be reported to Kansas SMP 785-296-0377 and the Kansas Attorney General’s Office — 800-432-2310

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