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Nemaha County Board Minutes

The Board of Nemaha County Commissioners met in regular session on Monday, March 28, 2011 in the Commission Room of the Nemaha County Courthouse. The meeting was called to order by Chairman Tim Burdiek leading the flag salute. Present also were Commissioners Mark Wessel and Gary Scoby, Road and Bridge Supervisor Dennis Ronnebaum and Office Manager Janet Linden, and County Clerk Mary Kay Schultejans recording the minutes.

Road and Bridge Report:

• Road and Bridge Supervisor Dennis Ronnebaum advised the board that he has mainly been having the guys do repair jobs and drag roads recently.

• Dennis reported that the 2007 Caterpillar patrol is having transmission issues and needs to go back to Topeka to be repaired.

• Dennis also reported that he has not heard anything back from Marshall County yet concerning putting in a new bridge on the county line (bridge M-60). He stated that he would call and find out where Marshall County is for sure on this issue.

• Commissioners spoke to Dennis about cleaning up the old Oneida City dump. Dennis shared his concerns about doing the cleanup work at this location, which lies on private property, and then having erosion problems in this area. He stated that several trees will have to be taken out in order to get into the area to do any cleanup work. The board stated that they would speak to the landowner about doing the work needed to clean up the site and also about completing the paperwork required for this project.

• Office Manager Janet Linden let Commissioners know that someone with KDOT is here again to inspect 10% of the bridges in the county.

Sheriff’s Report:

• Sheriff Rich Vernon advised the board that his department had a normal weekend.

• Rich stated that the new pickup is in service at this time.

• Rich let Commissioners know that he was not able to hire a relief dispatcher the last time he advertised for this position. He will wait a while and run the ad again to see if more people are interested at that time.

Mark Wessel moved to hold a twenty minute executive session until 9:55 am to discuss non-elected personnel. Gary Scoby seconded the motion. The motion carried with all voting aye. Present for the executive session was the Board of Commissioners, Sheriff Rich Vernon, and County Attorney Brad Lippert. The meeting returned to open session at 9:55 am with no action taken by the board following the executive session.

Commissioners spoke to County Attorney Brad Lippert about putting together a drug testing policy for the county. The new policy would affect all county employees instead of just those with CDL’s.

The board reviewed vouchers submitted by the different departments to be paid at the end of the month.

The board reviewed the minutes from the March 21, 2011 meeting. Mark Wessel moved to approve the minutes as presented. Gary Scoby seconded the motion. The motion carried with all voting aye.

John Broberg and Larry Couchman with Mercy Regional Hospital came before the board. Emmett Koch and Clem Koelzer were also present during this discussion. Mr. Broberg and Mr. Couchman were asked by Commissioners to come provide information concerning managing an ambulance service. Mercy Regional Hospital currently manages the ambulance services for both Riley and Pottawatomie Counties. The board explained how ambulance services are currently provided in Nemaha County and stated that beginning on January 1, 2012, the county would move to a county ran ambulance service. Mr. Broberg and Mr. Couchman advised Commissioners that the first decision that needed to be made is what kind of service they are wanting in Nemaha County. They recommended that the Commissioners contact the State EMS board and request assistance on how to proceed with this undertaking. Mr. Broberg and Mr. Couchman stated that Mercy Hospital is open to having a dialogue with Nemaha County concerning the possibility of utilizing them to run and manage the ambulance service in Nemaha County after January 1, 2012.

With no further county business coming before the board, Chairman Tim Burdiek adjourned the meeting at 2:00 pm. The next regularly scheduled meeting will be held on Monday, April 4, 2011 at 9:00 am.

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