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Corrections officer foils escape plan

At approximately 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday the 14th, 2010, Gage County Corrections Lieutenant Mulbery heard a banging noise coming from the cell block area.   At that time, all inmates were removed from the cell block area. 

Arrangements were made with other facilities and they were transported out immediately.  A six inches by six inches hole was located on the west wall in the shower stall.  A steel bar apparently had been removed from one of the cell doors and was used as an instrument to dig away on the concrete.  The shower head was placed in such a direction as to allow the water to flow down in the area of where they had begun to dig to help soften the concrete.  All the material removed from the wall was dumped down the shower drain. 

At the time of the discovery; the inmates had managed to dig all the way through the interior wall allowing for the back side of the exterior brick to become visible.  An investigation is being conducted at this time and additional criminal charges are possible.  

Repair work has been scheduled and some is already underway.  Those inmates involved are:  Matt Stevison, 20, of Lincoln; Nathaniel McCarter, 28, of Beatrice; Daniel Hile, 40, of Beatrice; Eric Ramos, 20, of Lincoln; and Travis Salts, 30, of Wymore.

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