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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is one of the most popular and one of the most dangerous holidays of the year. The actual Halloween this year is officially this coming Sunday but be prepared because some local civic organizations start their celebration of “All Hallows Night” tomorrow evening.

Beloit Police Chief Ryan Stocker says there are some common sense things parents should do this weekend when their children are out Trick or Treating.

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Stocker also wants to remind those who are more interested in the “Trick” part of the ghoulish holiday celebration, to not cross the line between fun and a criminal offense.

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As for those Halloween celebrations, the first on our schedule is the Vision Teen Center get-together for junior high school aged students in Beloit tomorrow evening. It runs 8:00-to-10:00-PM in the First National Bank Community Room and Parking Lot.

Also Friday evening, the Moonlight Madness Extravaganza at Zachary’s ACE hardware in Beloit 7:00-to-9:00-PM.

And on Saturday, a Haunted House at 212 South Vallette in Glen Elder
6:00-to-9:00-PM. All proceeds go to the Glen Elder Community Club.
All three events feature costume contests for the kids.

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