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Gage County discusses Rescue Squads status

The Gage County Board of Supervisors were updated Wednesday on rescue services taking place in the county.

Beatrice Rescue has responded to 1,789 runs so far in 2010. Beatrice is currently covering transports for Beatrice, Wymore and Odell. Approximately 1,500 calls were in the Beatrice area with an additional 80 in the Wymore, Blue Springs and Barneston area.

Beatrice Rural Rescue responded to 18 calls in 2009. Gage County Medical Director Dr. Rice said the department is going to have some decisions to make for 2011 in whether to remain a basic life support service or become a first responder agency.

Odell recorded 10 runs since January 1stof this year and has recently changed its primary transport service from Diller to Beatrice.

Pickrell is a first responder unit with one EMT. Rice said Pickrell had few runs in 2010 and have only had 12 runs in a five-year period. 

Rice addressed Wymore rescue, which had gone on 106 runs until its closure in mid August.  Since then, Rice said 24 people have volunteered to join and said the department is near a re-opening. Of those 24, five are drivers, five are support staff and 14 are EMT’s “or better.”

Rice said once the department receives a few items, such as pagers and vests, they’ll be ready to open again. Supervisor Rex Adams said the railroad has agreed to donate 25 vests to the department.

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