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Wymore Rescue Services must make a decision

The Wymore mayor and city council hosted an emergency open public meeting last Friday to discuss the immediate future of Wymore Rescue.  Wymore City Council approved an interlocal ambulance contract with Gage County two weeks ago but Gage County Medical Director Dr. Don Rice resigned his position as Wymore’s medical director.  Dr. Rice and Wymore rescue officials disagreed on the quality assurance criteria listed in the contract.  The criteria included being en route to an emergency within five minutes at least 90 percent of all emergency calls;  filing of reports within 72 hours of a medical response; and a county-wide medical director overseeing all the county EMS departments.  Several Wymore city council members and Rescue workers felt that the criteria would be too much to ask of a volunteer Rescue Department. Despite concerns, the contract passed with a 3-1 vote.  Dr. Rice met with members of the Wymore City Council in and offered them three options listing the pros and cons for each. Those options were:  shut their doors and rely on Beatrice Fire and Rescue, find a different medical director; or use Dr. Rice as their medical director.  A position he is willing to fill if Wymore would publically apologize for statements they have publically made against him.   Wymore Mayor Angela Meyer said she had a desire to work with Dr. Rice.  Meyer said Rice’s biggest desire is public apologies, and Wymore needs to keep a rescue unit. Gage County Supervisor Rex Adams attended the meeting between Rice and the Wymore City Council members and felt it was a good discussion that provided a lot of clarifications.  Dr. Rice extended Wymore’s deadline for making a final decision to Aug. 15. to determine what they’re going to do.

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