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Senator Taddiken’s Email

Jeff,  Thanks for the e-mail.

I supported the pipeline exemption when it was before the Senate a few years back.  It did not come to the Senate through the normal committee process but rather on the floor of the Senate as a motion to concur to House changes to a Senate bill.

It was part of a comprehensive energy package and the information we had at that time was that the pipeline would not be built without the ten year exemption.  As there was no opposition to the bill it passed easily.

The last data I have seen is that Clay county taxing entities will receive over 100 million dollars in property tax revenues in todays dollars during the lifetime of the pipeline after the ten year exemption period expires.  

I am not familiar with the details of the lawsuit you mention and thus can’t really respond to that issue.

I am leaving in the morning for a week but please contact me if you have further questions.

Mark Taddiken

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