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Governor Signs Transportation Program Bill

An $8.2-billion transportation program, that’s what will be created by Kansas Governor Mark Parkinson’s stroke of the pen yesterday in a ceremony at a municipal airport hanger in Topeka.

The program will rely on revenues from a recently passed sales tax increase. The legislation authorizes up to $1.7-billion in bonds over the program’s 10-year life.

The Governor said the measure will create thousands of jobs and maintain Kansas’ excellent highway system.

Transportation Secretary Deb Miller has already announced that some stalled maintenance projects have been revived. Some of those projects are located in our listening area.

According to KDOT Area Engineer Leland Tice who works out of Mankato, work on K-128 from U.S. Highway 24 to the Nebraska border is expected to be bid out soon.

Tice said several other projects are likely to get an OK from the state including a concrete overlay on U.S. 81 south of Concordia to the Cloud/Ottawa County line and K-148 from U.S. 81 east to K-15 in Washington County.

Tice also believes 3-bridge repair projects on U.S. 24 in Mitchell and Cloud Counties will be funded by the new KDOT money.

Tice said, “I’m very pleased with the direction the legislature has taken. I’m excited that we’re going to continue to keep our roads the best in the country.”

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