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Hanover Linn Barnes Schools discuss cost saving ideas

USD 223 Community Budget Meetings


Approximately One hundred sixty people attended the USD 223 community meetings held on March 29th & 30th in Linn and Hanover.  After hearing the possible reductions in state funding for the 2010-2011 school year, community members worked in small groups to brainstorm cost saving ideas for the district.

As Superintendent of Schools, I was pleased with the conversations, questions and ideas generated during the meeting.  The ideas and thoughts were summarized and listed below.

We appreciate your time and effort on behalf of our students and school communities.

Click Here for Sample Letters to Legislators 



  • Increase Lunch/Breakfast Fees
  • Cut Breakfast program



  • Eliminate 1 administrator – 2 administrators instead of 3
  • Share 1 counselor for the district
  • Contract school nurse services
  • Share more teachers between buildings – 1 teacher per content area
  • Decrease salaries 3%
  • Decrease salaries only 5% for all employees
  • Decrease teacher salaries 10%
  • Decrease salaries but give incentives like days off, etc.
  • Decrease classified staff salaries
  • Share 1 athletic director for the district
  • Share 1 principal for the district
  • Reduce central office staff
  • Encourage teachers who are eligible to retire
  • Eliminate extended contracts
  • Eliminate Aide positions & use student aides
  • Share superintendent with another district
  • Combine superintendent/principal duties
  • Eliminate assistant principals
  • Principal teach classes
  • Reduce Physical Education Instructor to part time
  • Add athletic director responsibilities to principal
  • Reduce 1 full time custodian per building
  • Cut subs & replace with study hall
  • Flat rate for coaching
  • Eliminate transportation/food service director
  • Handle subs internally instead of hiring them
  • Eliminate administrators family health insurance
  • Eliminate supplemental activity pay like pep band, etc.
  • Use Aides in DLN room rather than certified teachers
  • Offer more classes via DLN
  • Combine coaching of junior & senior high school teams which eliminates 1 coach



  • Eliminate bus service
  • Eliminate transportation for administration & food service director (drive own vehicles to work & activities with no compensation)
  • Shorten bus routes & designate  pick-up locations along routes
  • Smaller buses
  • Drive suburbans to activities instead of big buses
  • Decrease the number of school owned vehicles
  • Have traveling teachers drive their own vehicles



  • Use LED lighting in buildings



  • Write grant for wind turbines to save cost of electricity
  • Use solar power to reduce utility costs



  • Increase fees for organizations/programs
  • Increase Textbook fees (Enrollment fees)
  • Increase Tuition
  • Increase Drivers Education fees
  • Eliminate junior high scholars bowl
  • Eliminate high school scholars bowl
  • Class sponsors not paid



  • Pay to play
    • Flat fee for all athletics
    • Students buy their own uniforms for sports (ex. Helmets, etc.)
    • Purchase equipment for each sport
    • An amount per student per sport
  • Cut cheerleading – pay to play



  • 4 day school week
  • Shorten calendar – longer school days (add 30 minutes)  – 5 day school week
  • Start school year later (after Sept. 1)
  • Shorten calendar & add 15 minutes to school day
  • Shorten Christmas break & Spring break



  • Offer more internet courses
  • Use  block scheduling instead of an eight period pay
  • Pay to play for all programs/extra-curricular activities
  • Cool School
    • Don’t provide transportation
    • Charge an amount to cover the cost
  • Keep special education services in house
  • Cut before & after school
  • Parents as Teachers



  • Combine elementary classes



  • Close district office & move to one of the schools
  • Charge rent to use gyms & custodian
  • Close Greenleaf Preschool



  • Community fund raising activities
  • Ask for donations to cover internet fees/contracted services
  • Work closely with the parochial schools & check interest of joining public school system if consolidation is needed
  • Offer buyouts
  • Ask community for donations for textbooks, school supplies, etc.
  • Encourage more parents to apply for free/reduced lunches
  • Company grants to cover sports costs
  • Raise sales taxes
  • More sharing of students with parochial schools
  • Alumni phonathon to ask for donations
  • Provide grant writing in-service
  • Pay to park vehicles in spaces in front of school during the day
  • Set up an education foundation program to spend money earned from interest
  • Pre-school peers pay to attend preschool
  • Pre-school peers pay for transportation
  • Have parents donate school supplies
  • Restructure schedule so more students can take VE II funded classes
  • Close parochial school and have a zero hour for religion class/study hall      
    • This would allow elementary to have independent rooms & provide space for district office to move. 
    • All elementary classes would be in parochial school
  • Alumni donate to a fund that teachers can apply to for funds
  • Teachers/public/students write grants

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