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US Census sends out second mailing

The US Census Bureau will mail another round of 2010 Census questionnaires to about 40 million households April 1st through the 10th. These replacement questionnaires will give households that have not yet responded another opportunity to fill out their form and return it by mail. The goal is to increase mail response rates in areas that had low response rates in 2000.
The difference in the cost for mailing a questionnaire back compared to door-to-door enumeration is significant. The US Census Bureau estimates that it costs about $57 per household to send a trained Census taker to your door, while it costs only 42 cents to return the questionnaire by mail.
If you have returned a questionnaire, disregard the second form.
If your household should receive a census questionnaire with an incorrect mailing address, don’t worry because if the form arrives at your home, your household will be counted in the right location

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