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Washington County Board Minutes

The Board of Washington County Commissioners met in regular session on Monday, March 29, 2010 in the commission room at the Washington County Courthouse. Present: Alison Mueller, 1st District Commissioner, Roger Otott, 2nd District Commissioner; Gene Helms, 3rd District Commissioner, Chairman, Elizabeth Hiltgen, County Attorney, and Lou Kern, County Clerk.

Chairman Helms called the meeting to order with prayer.

County Offices will be closed on Friday, April 2 to observe Good Friday.

The next regular meeting will be Monday, April 5, 2010 at 8:30 AM.

Don Alldredge, custodian, presented a quote from PCI for steam pipe repair in the courthouse attic with an estimated amount of $1600.00 to $2100.00. Permission was given for Don to attend the permit movement for foreign animal disease class on April 19 in Clay Center.

John Forshee, Director, and David Coltrain, Horticultural Agent, met with the board. John Told the board that he appreciated all the hard work that Don Alldredge had done on the office in the northeast corner and that a livestock agent will be on board as of June 1. David Coltrain will present a workshop on “How Does Your Garden Grow” on April 6 at 7:00 P.M. at the First National Bank meeting room. David is also providing a newsletter “River Valley Green Thumb Guidelines” as well as working with Ray Makalous the Vista Volunteer on community development.

Undersheriff Traci Hattesohl and Ron Elsasser, D.A.R.E Officer, were given permission to take the D.A.R.E. graduates to a Kansas City Royals baseball game. Tickets will cost approximately $1200.00. Two schools will provide buses and drivers for the event.

The board approved and signed change order nos. 2009-90 and 2009-91.

Duane Bruna, Noxious Weed and Solid Waste Director, reported on the illegal dumpsites clean up. The building construction is progressing. E-waste disposal was discussed. Tile is to be laid in the office this week.

Gloria Moore, Tourism Director, reported on meetings and events attended. The new brochure has been sent to a graphic designer. Gloria with the help of B.J. Smart will welcome two buses to Washington County on April 6. Other bus tours are scheduled for May 11 and 13.

David Willbrant, Public Works Administrator, gave weekly work report. Alison Mueller moved to accept the low quote of Leiszler Oil for the purchase of unleaded gas and diesel for $18,550.00. Roger Otott seconded and motion carried. David then introduced David Odem, representative for Base One, a base stabilizer product. Mr. Odem discussed soil analysis that were collected from Rainbow Road, 20th Road and 29th Road and explained that the products needs silt and clay to bond to. The product will cost approximately $5400.00 per mile. One mile at each location will be tested. Blue Valley Telephone will repair a site on the Ash Creek road. The Linn Exchange work will begin this week. David will be documenting damage due to the Christmas snow storm for FEMA reimbursement. Some work has been done on Yankee Road and initial work has begun on Calderhead Road.

The board recessed at 12:20 P.M. and reconvened at 1:00 P.M.

The board visited with Elizabeth Hiltgen, County Attorney, on various issues.

Ryan Kern, Chamber of Commerce Vice-President, asked about land ownership of a tract of land between the race track and the Washington Motel as the Chamber wants to bring a circus to town. He is to ask the Fair Board for their approval.

Christy L’Ecuyer, Business Coordinator, presented information on watershed protection offered through the R C & D. She received two calls from persons seeking employment. The Interagency Coordinating Council has three new participants. She reported that Itty Bitty now has seating available and that Swirly Top is open on Mondays. Christy met with Peter Arnesto, Kansas Energy Coordinator, who outlined grant options available to government for improving energy efficiency. Christy will attend CDBG training on April 14 and a WRAPS meeting on April 1.

Harold Jones, Washington City Mayor, spoke with the commission and requested copies.

The board and Elizabeth Hiltgen, County Attorney, spoke via telephone with Terrelle Mock, Attorney with Fisher, Patterson, Saylor and Smith.

Meeting adjourned at 3:10 P.M.

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