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Innovative Stream Buffer Program Available in Marshall and Washington Counties

I’m forwarding a NEW program as of Feb. 1.  Applications are being taken now through April 1, 2010.  

This is an innovative program for our farmers, ranchers & livestock folks in Marshall & Washington Counties within the Lower Little & Big Blue River Watersheds.   

Targeted areas are pictured on the map in the Program Summary attached.  They include:   

1.  Cropland & livestock 

2.  Stream banks 

A 10 year contract is ONLY for the Innovative Stream Buffer Program.  There is an up front payment of $500/acre and cooperators can choose one or more cover types:  clover or alfalfa, native grasses, direct seeding of woody vegetation or natural regeneration or succession of set aside. 

Additional practices are included, however, these practices are NOT eligible for a 10 year contract.  The practices include:  livestock waste management & alternative water sources, stream bank stabilization & water retention & sediment control.      

Please contact your local conservation district & NRCS offices for:  cost share rates, program summary & details, and the application form.    

Lower Little & Big Blue River WRAPS (Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategy) is sponsored by Glacial Hills Resource Conservation & Development Region Inc. (RC&D) a non-profit rural development organization in Valley Falls, Ks.  

Please call the Conservation Districts in Marysville 785-562-5343, Washington 785-325-2216 or  RC&D 785-945-6292 for more information.

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