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KHP Ties on Red Ribbons

Every November, the Kansas Highway Patrol ties red ribbons to agency-owned vehicles to show the agency’s zero tolerance toward impaired driving. The Patrol will again display the red ribbons throughout the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s holidays. These ribbons memorialize the lives lost due to alcohol-related tragedies.

KHP Superintendent Terry Maple says, “Crashes involving drug and alcohol impaired drivers impacts everyone – drivers, passengers, pedestrians and others traveling on the roadways. Maple also says, “We display red ribbons on our vehicles during the holiday season to heighten awareness of the dangers of impaired driving, and we invite the public to join us in the effort.”

The Patrol encourages all motorists to tie a red ribbon to an antenna, side mirror, or door handle, pledging to drive safely, and while not impaired. Red Ribbons are being distributed at the Kansas Highway Patrol’s Troop Headquarters throughout the state.

Motorists concerned that another driver might be impaired can use their cell phone to dial STAR-47 on Kansas highways or STAR-582 on the Kansas Turnpike to reach the nearest highway patrol dispatcher.

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