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Wheat Harvest Revs Up

The heavy rains this past Saturday are all but forgotten. That was clear last night at 10 o’clock when I was driving home and still saw several wheat producers hard at it. The two days of vey hot and dry weather since Saturday’s monsoon has regenerated the local harvest effort and for the most part left the quality of the wheat in tact.

A quick check of the area elevators last night showed harvest in full swing in the Westfall area of southern Lincoln County and just a handful of folks have started cutting in the Randall area in Jewell County.

The Farmway Coop Elevator at Westfall reported test weights mostly in the 61-62 area with moisture levels 10-to-11%.

At Tipton, where they expect to be in full production today, moisture levels at about 12% and the test weights 61-to-63.

Denmark reported some cutting today, expect a lot more tomorrow. 10-to-12% moisture and 60-plus on the wheat that did come in today.

Asherville reports good numbers cutting yesterday and expect to be full throttle tomorrow. Moisture is running 10-to-11% and test weights generally 60 or better.

And finally at Randall. Just a few producers cutting today but expect a significant increase in cutting tomorrow. Moisture content ranged from 11 to a high of 20%.

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